Monash Medieval & Renaissance scholars at Leeds IMC 2014

There are plenty of opportunities to see CMRS scholars in action in July at the annual International Medieval Congress in Leeds – just check out the sessions below! In conjunction with the Prato Consortium for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, we are also sponsoring a reception at the Leeds meeting, so come along to meet ‘n’ greet over a sociable beverage or two. (Tip: it’s just before the dance – so we promise to help you get in the mood for a jive!)

Examinations of Imperial Image, Ambition, and Authority, II: The Long Angevin Empire

Sponsored by the Royal Studies Network: Monday 7 July 2014: 16.30-18.00

  • Edward I’s Correspondence with Gascony: Kathleen Neal (Monash, CMRS)
  • The Briouze Family, Angevin Kings, and the Balance of Power in the Empire’s Borderlands: Amélie Rigollet, (Université de Poitiers, Centre d’Etudes Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale)
  • Response: Daniel Power (Swansea, Centre for Medieval & Early Modern Research)
Rome and Israel: Gildas and the Fall of Empire

Sponsored by the Prato Consortium: Tuesday 8 July 2014: 16.30-18.00

  • ‘What happens when we leave?’: Gildas and the End of Roman Britain: Christopher Doyle (NUI Galway)
  • The Chosen People of God: Gildas and the Historiographical Imagination: Shane Lordan (University College Cork)
  • Criticising Authority: Gildas and His Prophecy for Britain: Stephen Joyce (Monash, CMRS)
  • Remembering the Fall: The Manuscript Reception of Gildas’s De excidio Britanniae, Kirstie McGregor (University of Oxford)
The Mendicant Experience, I: Little-Known Preachers of Renaissance Florence 

Sponsored by the Prato Consortium: Wednesday 9 July 2014: 14.15-15.45

  • ‘Pro divinissima eucaristia oratio’: Francesco del Padovano and Preaching in the Papal Court of Eugenius IV: Luke Bancroft (Monash, CMRS)
  • Diversity in Discourse: Bartolomeo Lapacci Rimbertini OP: Peter Francis Howard (Monash, CMRS)
  • Predestined to Fall?: Interpreting Genesis in Simone de Bertis’s Sermons: Stephanie Jury (Monash, CMRS)
The Mendicant Experience, II: Silence and the Dominican Order

Sponsored by the Prato Consortium: Wednesday 9 July 2014: 16.30-18.00

  • The Dominican Rhetoric of Ineffability: Teaching and Preaching the Silent Praise of God: Samuel Baudinette (Monash, CMRS)
  • Ars Praedicandi: Incorporating Silence into Dominican Preaching: Anne Holloway (Monash, CMRS)
  • ‘Santo è il silenzio a’ giovani e vecchi’: Voice and Silence in Late Medieval Lay Culture: Marika Räsänen (University of Turku, Centre for Medieval & Early Modern Studies)
Prato Consortium for Medieval & Renaissance Studies Reception

Wednesday 9 July 18:30-19:30

Join us after the Mendicant Experience sessions for sociable discussion on the themes of the session, to meet members of the Consortium and discover what we have to offer.

Consult the printed program for locations and maps.