Working Holiday Makers and Regional Australia

Dr Jeff Jarvis and Dr Vicki Peel recently had their research paper “Tourists for Hire” published in the journal Tourism Management. This paper was part of an ongoing research project looking at “Long term tourists – Short term migrants’

Tourists for hire: International working holidaymakers in a work based destination in regional Australia

August 2013
Jeff Jarvis | Victoria Peel

Abstract: Working tourists are a growing phenomenon in contemporary tourism although rarely the subject of focussed research. This analysis explores the role of work in the experience of working tourists through an empirical study of international working holiday makers (WHMs) in a regional Australian city. Results of a mixed methods analysis highlight Australia’s WHM visa as driving international tourist dispersal to regional destinations largely untouched by international visitation. Although WHMs were found to have limited impact on existing tourism services, findings indicate their arrival has played an important role in stimulating new and unique forms of enterprise. Implications for strategic destination management designed to more fully capture benefits associated with working tourists are identified and future research opportunities presented.