Monash Strategy an Election Priority for ATEC

ATEC_Election_Priorities_2013The Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) has nominated the proposed modifications to the current working holiday maker (WHM) visa as an election priority for the industry in 2013. 
The proposed changes that were informed by research on WHMs by Dr Jeff Jarvis and Dr Vicki Peel include; increasing the upper age limit of the visa to 35, permitting multiple visa applications and granting a second year extension for 88 days work in regional tourism and hospitality. ATEC believes that these modifications will boost the labour supply in regional Australia and assist in filling the estimated 35,800 job vacancies currently in the industry.
Dr Jarvis commenting on the proposed policy changes stated that ‘these WHMs will not only boost the competitive position of the tourism industry in regional Australia by providing flexible skilled labour where needed but also provide a significant economic boost to the regions that host them. The policy changes will also make it easier for WHMs to extend their visa into the second year and therefore permit them to spend more time and money travelling throughout Australia.”