Alexander Theatre

Alexander Theatre

Alexander Theatre


Work on obtaining the redevelopment planning approvals, which can be a protracted element of the process, is progressing well and although not completed we are confident these will be finalised soon, after which a formal announcement on the Alexander Theatre would be made.

In the meantime other University construction around the Alexander Theatre site from January 2016 will severely limit access to both patrons and venue clients. As such we have made the difficult decision to close the Alexander Theatre from January 2016 while this work progresses and before the Alexander Theatre redevelopment is due to commence, still proposed for mid 2016. This is made to ensure comfort and safety for public and clients and in a spirit of cooperation with the broader University planning and building program.

Despite the immediate inconvenience we believe the major benefits will be seen once all the work is complete. It may not entail any longer term closure of the Theatre than originally envisaged but should the redevelopment proceed we will advise availability for hire in 2017 as soon as possible in 2016.


Thank you for your patience as we go through the process.

Yours sincerely,


Professor Paul Grabowsky AO
Executive Director
Academy of Performing Arts