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    These feature and documentary films from Asia are subtitled in English and are available for educational and cultural purposes, and for personal use. Our collection of Asian films includes primarily Indonesian films with titles selected from over five decades of production, two Thai films and one Bangladeshi film.

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    All our DVDs are in PAL format only, with no region coding.

    Public Libraries AU$300.00
    Universities AU$180.00
    All others AU$110.00

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    Within Australia: Up to and including 4 DVDs AU$10; More than 4 DVDs free postage
    Outside Australia: Up to and including 4 DVDs AU$20; More than 4 DVDs free postage

    All videos and DVDs are on sale under the proviso that they will be used for educational or cultural purposes (in screenings in which a charge is not made) or for personal use. In cases where a film is requested by an institution in a developing country, we would consider negotiating a price more appropriate to their situation. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

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  • Three Documentaries about Aceh by Aryo Danusiri (2003) Indonesia at the Margins: Political Documentaries and Essay Films (2002) Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? What’s Up with Love (2001) The Unknown Bard – Achin Pakhi (1996) Muen and Rid – Amdaeng Muen Kab Nai Rid (1994) The Sorceress of Dirah – Dongeng Dari Dirah (1992) My Sky, My Home – Langitku Rumahku (1990) Kantata Read more
  • Three Documentaries about Aceh by Aryo Danusiri The Village Goat Takes the Beating (1999) (47 mins) The Poet of the Linge Homeland (2000) (25 mins) Abrakadabra! (2003) (40 mins) All on one DVD (PAL; No region coding) or VHS Tape (PAL or NTSC) These three films about pre Tsunami Aceh by the young independent filmmaker, and former student of anthropology at the University of Indonesia, Read more
  • Indonesia at the margins: Political documentaries and essay films by Garin Nugroho (1991–2002) The Collection comprises the following four films (all subtitled into English) Air Dan Romi (‘Water and Romi’, 1991) Dongeng Kancil Tentang Kemerdekaan (‘Kancil’s Story About Independence’, 1995) My Family, My Films and My Nation (1998) Aikon: Sebuah Peta Budaya (‘Icon: A Cultural Map’, 2000-2002) The four films on this DVD Read more
  • Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? – What’s Up with Love? Production Company : Miles Productions Year of Production : 2001 Producer : Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza Director : Rudi Soedjarwo Story : Riri Riza, Mira Lesmana, Prima Rusdi Script Development : Prima Rusdi, Rako Prijanto, Mira Lesmana, Riri Riza Screenplay : Jujur Prananto Poetry by : Rako Prijanto Production Design : Adrianto Sinaga Cinematography : Roy Read more
  • The Unknown Bard – Achin Pakhi Script and Direction : Tanvir Mokammel Camera : Anwar Hossain Sound : Shuvabrata Halder Editing : Mahadeb Shi Lalon singers : Farida Parveen, Krishnadas Baul, Arundhati Choudhury, Arati Mukherjee, Prahlad Brahmachari, Nityagopal Das, Sandhyarami Das Puppetry : Puppet Group of Nadia Production : Kino-Eye Films, Dhaka Country of Origin : Bangladesh, 1996 Running Time : 67 mins Sales : We Read more
  • Muen and Rid – Amdaeng Muen Kab Nai Rid Director: Cherd SongsriProduction Company: Five Star Productions/Cherdchai Productions Year of Production: 1994 Screenplay: Thom Thathree, Channipa Chertsoma Cinematography: Anupap Buachand Editor: M.L. Warapa Ukris Cast: Jintara Sukaphat, Santisuk Promsiri, Ron Rittichai, Duengdao Charuchinda Running Time: 125 mins Video Subtitles by SBS Television, Australia Directed by Cherd Songsri, one of the Read more
  • The Sorceress of Dirah – Dongeng Dari Dirah Director : Sardono W. Kusuma (with Robert Chappell) Production Company : P. T. Katena Grandview Films, Jakarta Year of Production : 1992 Adaptation : Sardono W. Kusuma Producers : Robert Chappell and Basuki Ramelan Cinematographer : Robert Chappell Music : Otto Sidharta. Performed by : Villagers from Teges, Bali and Sardono W. Kusuma. Running Time : 45 Read more
  • My Sky, My Home – Langitku Rumahku Director : Slamet Rahardjo Djarot Production Company : Ekapraya Film Year of Production : 1990 Producers : Eros Djarot, Tb Boy Salehuddin, Doddy Sukasah Screenplay : Slamet Rahardjo Djarot Cinematography : Soetomo Gandasoebrata Editing : Sentot Sahid Sound : Shulka Handi Ilfat Music : Choquie Hutagalung Cast : Pietrajaya Burnama, Banyu Biru, Sunaryo, Untung Slamet, Yati Sumaryo Running Time : Read more
  • Kantata Takwa (Cantata of Devotion)   Production Company : PT Ekapraya Tatacipta Film Year of Production : 1990 – 2008 Producer : Setiawan Djody, Erros Djarot and Gotot Prakosa Script and Direction : Erros Djarot and Gotot Prakosa Production Design : Chalid Arifin Photography : Soetomo G. S. Sound : Handy Ilfat and Team Music : Kantata and Swami Editor : Tri Rahardjo, Sentot Sahid Sound Read more
  • Director : Eros Djarot Production Company : Kanta Indah Film Screenplay : Eros Djarot Cinematography : George Kamarullah Editing : Karsono Hadi Production Design : Benny Benhardi Music : Idris Sardi Cast : Christine Hakim, Pietrajaya Burnama, Rita Zahara, Slamet Rahardjo Djarot Print Source : P. T. Ekapraya, Jakarta Year of Production : 1988 Running Time : 105 mins. Languages : Indonesian, Acehnese and Dutch, with English Read more
  • Ibunda – Mother Directed by Teguh Karya Indonesian Title Ibunda English title Mother  Producer Sudwikatmono, R. Sunarso Year of production 1986 Screenplay Teguh Karya Cinematography George Kamarullah Editing B. Benny MS Production design Benny Benhardi Sound Zakaria Rasyim Music Idris Sardi Cast Tuti Indra Malaon, Niniek L. Karim, Alex Komang, Ria Irawan, Galeb Husin Production company/World sales  PT Nusantara Film, PT Suptan Film Format  DVD in PAL format (colour/98 Read more
  •   Director:Euthana MukdasnitProduction Company: Five Star Productions, BangkokYear of Production:1985Screenplay:Euthana Mukdasnit, based on the book by NipparnCinematography: Panya NimchareongpongEditing: M.L. Varapa KasaemsriMusic: ButterflySound: Nivat SumneangsanorCast: Suriya Yaovasong, Vasana Pholylem, Suchow PhongvilaiRunning Time: 120 minsVideo Subtitles by SBS Television, Australia   Based on a widely admired Thai novel, Butterflies and Flowers dramatises the lives of young village teenagers, about Read more
  • Bitter Coffee is a strong and sobering film. It opens on the shores of Lake Toba in North Sumatra, as a Batak family celebrates (in a procession led by a band) the departure of their son who is going to the big city to be educated and to work. But an accident has just occurred on Read more
  • Raden Ajeng Kartini Director Sjumandjaya Producer Harris Lasmana Screenplay P.T Nusantara Film Cinematography Soetomo Ganda Soebrata Editing Soemardjono Production Design Djufri Tanissan Sound Endang Darsono Music Sudharnoto Cast Jenny Rachman (Kartini), Nani Widjaya, Drs R. M. Wisnoe Wardhana, Ny. Swandari Wardhana, Bambang Hermanto, Adi Kurdi Production Company / World Sales PT Nusantara Format DVD in PAL format (Colour/ English subtitles/165 min) R.A. Kartini is a film biography Read more
  • Roro Mendut – The Rebellious Woman Directed by Ami Priyono, 1983SBS title The Rebellious Woman Director Ami Priyono Year of production 1983 Producer Bambang Widitomo, J. Adisubrata, Hatoek Subroto Screenplay Tim Produksi (Production Team) Cinematography Adrian Susanto Editing Sri Kuncoro Syamsuri Production design A. Abidin Music Franki Raden, Cast Meriam Bellina, Mathias Muchus, W.D. Mochtar, Clara Sinta Rendra, Sunarti Soewandi Choreography Bagong Kusudiardjo Production company/ World Read more
  • Kadarwati, Wanita dengan Lima Nama – Five Faces of Kadarwati Indonesian title Kadarwati, Wanita dengan Lima Nama SBS Title Five Faces of Kadarwati Director Sophan Sophiaan Year of Production 1983 Producer P.T. Gramedia Film Screenplay Satmowi Atmowiloto Cinematography Adrian Susanto Editing SK Samsuri Production Design Hendro Tangkilisan Music Billy B. Budiardjo Cast Joice Erna, Frans Tumbuan, Sofia WD, Chitra Dewi, Sophan Sophiaan, Aminah Cendrakasih World Sales P.T. Gramedia Film Read more
  • Short Films and Animation Work by Gotot Prakosa Nine short films – originally produced on 16mm film, some of them animations – and two short videos, all by Gotot Prakosa, are supplied on one compilation video with a running time of about 105 minutes. Gotot Prakosa is Indonesia’s leading experimental short filmmaker. Most of the collection here Read more
  • November 1828 Director Teguh Karya Producer Nyoo Han Siang, Ronald Lolang, Hendrik G. Gozali Year of Production 1979 Screenplay Teguh Karya Cinematography Tantra Suryadi Editing Tantra Suryadi Production Design Benny Benhardi, Slamet Rahardjo Sound Suparman Sidik Music Franki Raden, Sardono W. Kusuma, Slamet Rahardjo Cast Slamet Rahardjo, Yenny Rachman, Sardono W. Kusuma, Sunarti Rendra, Maruli Sitompul Production Company/ World Sales Interstudio, with Gemini/Satria/Garuda Film Original Format : Read more
  • Wadjah Seorang Laki-laki – Ballad of a Young Man Indonesian title Wadjah Seorang Laki-laki SBS Title Ballad of a Young Man Director Teguh Karya Year of Production 1971 Producer Turino Djunaedy (P.T. Sarinande Film) Screenplay Teguh Karya Cinematography Tantra Suryadi Editing Tantra Suryadi Production Design Benny Benhardi Music Idris Sardi Cast Rima Melati, Slamet Rahardjo, Tuti Indra Malaon, W.D. Mochtar, Nano Riantiarno World Sales Turino Djunaedy (P.T. Read more
  • Tamu Agung – Exalted Guest English Title : Exalted Guest Producer/Director : Usmar Ismail Script : Suryo Sumanto and Basoeki Resobowo (from an idea of Usmar Ismail) Year of Production : 1955 Production Company : Perfini Photography : Max Tera Editor : Soemardjono Music : Saiful Bahri Lyrics : Alwi Dahlan Cast : M. Pandji Anom, Tina Melinda, Udjang, Sulastri Original Format and Running Time : 35mm, Read more