Trans-Asia events

  • Monash Asia Institute Focus Theme Inaugural Seminar

    Key issues on Diversity, Mobility and Inclusion for Trans-Asian approaches

    Date & Time: 31 March Friday, 12-2pm (light lunch will be provided)

    Venue: N105, Caulfield Campus, Monash University


    Julian Millie (Centre for Southeast Asian Studies)

    Koichi Iwabuchi (Monash Asia Institute)

    In a globalized world in which people’s mobility and accompanying human exchange have been intensifying, the promotion of diversity is a key issue. While the current attention to diversity tends to be economy-driven with an emphasis on its utility to make the workplace creative and globally competitive, this seminar will discuss what kind of issues regarding socio-cultural diversity, human mobility and inclusion are emergent and need to be critically studied in various parts of Asia and whether and how we can make a comparative examination of Asian cases and/or collaboratively tackle the transnationally shared issues which are distinctly articulated in specific local contexts.

    This seminar is an inaugural event of the establishment of MAI focus themes and regional coordinators (please see Together with focus theme and regional coordinators, we will discuss how to productively promote collaborative research by organizing seminars/conferences and inviting international visiting scholars to Monash.

    Please RSVP for catering purpose to by 25 March.


  • Trans-Asia as method is an academic seminar series that aims to facilitate trans-Asian and cross-disciplinary dialogue by comparatively and collaboratively examining how globally shared issues are similarly, differently, and/or inter-connectedly articulated in various local contexts of Asian regions.

    Scholars working in Australian contexts, and scholars working in Asian Australian experiences are also constitutive of trans-Asian dialogue. Such discussion will lead to developing new conceptualisation and theorisation from Asian experiences and de-Westernising the production of knowledge.

  • FOCUS THEMES & REGIONAL COORDINATORS (**Inaugural Seminar on 31 March**)

    MAI establishes four focus themes to promote inter-disciplinary and trans-Asian research collaboration and dialogue. Coordinators of focus themes will organize trans-Asia seminar series. MAI will also invite international scholars who are working on the below themes to give a talk at trans-Asia seminar series.

    1. Migration, Diaspora and Belonging (Coordinated by GIl Soo Han and Mridula Chakraborty)
    2. Diversity, Mobility and Inclusion (coordinated by Julian Millie & Koichi Iwabuchi)
    3. Media, Culture and Performance (coordinated by Ariel Heryanto & Olivia Khoo)
    4. Cultural Citizenship and Public Pedagogy (coordinated by Koichi Iwabuchi & Philip Chan)


    MAI also appoint regional coordinators who are responsible for facilitating cross-regional exchange and responding to inquiries about the research of the region:

    East Asia: Gil Soo Han and Gloria Davies/Jonathan Benney

    Southeast Asia: Ariel Heryanto and Julian Millie

    South Asia: Mridula Chakraborty and Chandani Lokuge



Past events

Filming the Political, Trespassing Rules and Boundaries
S901 Monash University, Caulfield Campus
Event Date: 24/05/2017

Key issues on Migration, Diaspora and Belonging for Trans-Asian approaches
Lecture Theatre HB39 Monash Caulfield Campus
Event Date: 28/04/2017

EthniCities: The Art of Embracing Diversity
Seoul Global Cultural Center
Event Date: 22/04/2017 - 23/04/2017

Key issues on Diversity, Mobility and Inclusion for Trans-Asian approaches
N105 Monash University Caulfield Campus
Event Date: 31/03/2017

The Spectre of Dying Alone: A Manga of Lonely Death in Japan
Japanese Studies Centre
Event Date: 08/12/2016

Diaspora Diplomacy
ACJC Seminar rooms, Building H, 8th floor (H8.06)
Event Date: 12/04/2016

Staging Indonesia – the Artistic Practice and Social Vision of Teater Garasi
Caulfield, Building H, Lecture Theatre H2.38
Event Date: 29/09/2015