Terrorism in Bombay (Mumbai) and India’s Historical Amnesia

Occasional Publication

Marika Vicziany
Professor of Asian Political Economy

This paper was presented at the 2011 Tiffin Talks organised by the Australia India Institute on 8th August 2011. Transcript of the presentation was published in December 2011, and its copy is available for download at the Australian Institute of India website

SUMMARY: This paper present an examination of some of the bombings which have taken place in India over the past twenty years with a particular focus on Mumbai. The author shared her view on the following issues: (a) The Bombay Bombings of 12 March 1993; (b) Why understanding Hindu fundamentalism is important; (c) The terrorism attack on Bombay on 13 July 2011; (d) Indian intelligence weaknesses; and (e) Examples of Hindu terrorism.