Research Projects

  • The 6th Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN) conference took place on 25-26 October 2017. The event was hosted by AASRN in partnership with the Immigration Museum (Melbourne), with the support of the Monash Asia Institute (MAI) and the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation (ADI). The conference theme of 'embodiments and inhabitations' was… Read more
  • Migrant Diplomacy: Collaboration to advance museum's role to foster diversity Highly appreciating the ongoing project to facilitate the exchange between Immigration Museums in Melbourne and Tokyo, Australia-Japan Foundation has awarded Monash Asia Institute a grant for the second consecutive year. This project aims to promote Australia-Japan partnership and innovatively advance public diplomacy in mutuality on a… Read more
  •   Australia-Japan Foundation (AJF) Grant Round 2016-17 Project title: Migrant Diplomacy: Exchange between Immigration Museum in Melbourne and Tokyo   Project organizer: Monash Asia Institute, Monash University   Project partners: Immigration Museum, Melbourne Immigration Museum Tokyo (pilot project)   *Foreign Minister’s media release:  *‘Meet our current grantees’ –   Project description Immigration Museum creatively… Read more
  • Earlier this month, Monash Asia Institute (MAI) undertook an innovative research initiative, organising a Research Day attended by faculties from across the University. The Research Day aimed to facilitate inter-disciplinary work on environment, sustainability and social change in Asia, and identify collaborative research opportunities such as application for internal funding schemes and Australian Research Council… Read more
  • We are delighted to announce that Professor Koichi Iwabuchi, Director of the Monash Asia Institute, has been successful in securing Toyota Foundation funding of 6.4million yen for an international collaborative project he is leading on reconsidering multiculturalism from a transAsian/East Asian perspective. The project aims to promote transAsian connections and involves 5 academics collaborating with… Read more
  •  (See Monash Memo Cultural Typhoon Melbourne is a group of Melbourne-based scholars, students and activists, initiated by Koichi Iwabuchi, interested in exploring media and cultural studies in Asian contexts. In solidarity with the Association for Cultural Typhoon based in Japan, Cultural Typhoon Melbourne will hold monthly seminars intended to create a space for the… Read more
  • Led by Judith Shaw of the MAI, Martin Mulligan and Dave Mercer of RMIT University and Matthew Clarke of Deakin University and supported by industry partners AusAID and the Foundation for Development Cooperation, this comparative study investigates housing resettlement projects in three countries affected by the 2004 tsunami. Read more