Research & Researchers

  •  (See Monash Memo Cultural Typhoon Melbourne is a group of Melbourne-based scholars, students and activists, initiated by Koichi Iwabuchi, interested in exploring media and cultural studies in Asian contexts. In solidarity with the Association for Cultural Typhoon based in Japan, Cultural Typhoon Melbourne will hold monthly seminars intended to create a space for the free Read more
  • Led by Judith Shaw of the MAI, Martin Mulligan and Dave Mercer of RMIT University and Matthew Clarke of Deakin University and supported by industry partners AusAID and the Foundation for Development Cooperation, this comparative study investigates housing resettlement projects in three countries affected by the 2004 tsunami. Read more
  • The revival of Afghan music and music education in Afghanistan should be viewed as one of the most important measures that can be taken to rebuild this traumatised nation. The healing powers of music are too well known to rehearse here. In addition, the rejuvenation of music contributes directly to the building of a viable Read more
  • This project brings together teams from the Monash Asia Institute, Urumqi Normal University in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China in an international research collaboration to document, measure, and define the most significant cultural monuments and spaces of Kashgar. Read more
  • Papers are invited for an afternoon of discussions about the architecture of Asia-Pacific relations from different perspectives: economic, political, legal, strategic and social. Read more
  • The Sukunan Program helps the residents of Sukunan village engage with a waste management and sustainable living program. Read more
  • Arc Linkage Project Leveraging remittances with microfinance: a cross-country study Over the last twenty years the volume of funds sent home by migrant workers has expanded to become a key input to national and household economies in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Pacific region. In many developing countries migrant remittances exceed international aid and investment Read more
  • Are you Pashtun and living in Melbourne? If you are, you might be interested in participating in this research project. Read more

  • Researchers working on Asian regions

    Name Email Specialist area Affiliation
    Emeritus Professor David Chandler Cambodia, Pol Pot and Genocide in Cambodia SOPHIS
    Emeritus Professor Mark Wahlqvist National and International Nutrition Science, Education and Policy; Clinical Nutrition and Internal Medicine Faculty of Arts
    Prof A.K. Bagchi
    Institute of Development Studies, Kolkatta Indian economy Faculty of Arts
    Prof Zenon Pudlowski Engineering Education in the Asia Pacific Region Faculty of Arts
     Mr Hashim Abdulhamid  Arabic-Malay lexicography  LCL
    Dr Peter Chang  SOPHIS
    Dr Leon Comber
    Dr Joost Coté Colonial Urban Culture with special reference to Java; Semarang: Colonization of Central Sulawesi; Kartini and sisters SOPHIS
    Dr Judith Shaw Microfinance and Micro-enterprise Development, Labour Migration and Migrant Remittances, the Asian Garment Manufacturing Sector, Politics of Post-Tsunami Reconstruction SOPHIS
    Mr Ian Adie International business
    Dr Aneela Zeb Babar
    Dr Jayant Bapat Hindu Deities and Temples SOPHIS
    Mr Farhan Bokhari
    International Journalist, Financial Times (London)
    Regional Security in South and Central Asia; Asia Pacific Regional Security Dialogues member
    Ms Rita Camilleri Malaysian Politics
    Dr Lance Castles Darul Islam and Indonesian Elections
    Mr Paul Cheater The relationship between Western and Afghan Music Education
    Ms Helene Chung-Martin China; Biography
    Dr Andrew Cock Political and economic dynamics of agrarian change; peripheral states and peripheral territorial spaces in the modern international system; the governance of agriculture, energy, and climate change in the Southeast Asian region and at a global level. PSI
    Dr Ian Coghlan Tibetan Buddhism
    Dr Leon Comber Malaysian Insurgency PSI
    Dr Sue Downie Development Studies, Australian Aid, Peace-keeping, Peace-building and development with special reference to Cambodia and East Timor missions, Dissemination of information in cross-cultural context (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand)
    Dr Angelo Andrea Di Castro Archaeology of South and Central Asia SOPHIS
    Dr Geetha Govindasamy PSI
    Dr Joan Grant Australian-Vietnamese diplomatic relations, 1975–2005
    Ms Istutiah Gunawan Cultures of Southeast Asia with special focus on Indonesia
    Ms Smita Gupta
    Journalist, Times of India, Outlook
    India; Indian General Elections; Human rights violations, with special focus on communal and caste violence
    Dr Alexandra Haendel History of Art and Archaeology; Classical Temples of Southeast Asia (Cambodia and Java); Ancient Angkor
    Dr Elisabeth Hames-Brooks Indonesia; Australia-Asia relation; Poetry
    Ms Chooi-Hon Ho Chinese in Australia and the Chinese diaspora LCL
    Dr Gidi Ifergan SOPHIS
    Dr Lea Jellinek Indonesia, Poverty Specialist
    Action research on recycling of waste in villages in Indonesia
    Mr Edward Kiefer Action research on recycling of waste in villages in Indonesia GES
    Dr Peter Laird Malaysian Shamanism and Culture; Traditional and tribal medicine; Multilingual geneological documentation and visualization software for indigenous researchers, Anthropologists and Sociologists
    Associate Professor Peg Levine PSI
    Dr Meei-Shyuan Lee Nutritional Science and Public Health Nutrition with special focus on Asia; Bio-Statitiscian and Epidemiologist
    Dr Ian Mabbett SOPHIS
    Prof S. D. Muni
    Professor of Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University; India’s special envoy to Laos and Cambodia
    Regional Security in the Asia Pacific
    Ms Katy Munson Artist; Fine Art research with special focus on Asia (Vietnam, Burma, Tibet and Buddhism)
    Ms Uyen Nguyen Asian Films Project
    Ms Anita Nayar
    Mr Nurul Mu’az Omar Politics, International Relations and Healthcare issues; Malaysian Youth and Democracy
    Dr Maya Raganathan
    Manipal Institute of Communication, Karnataka, India Ethnic conflict in Kashmir and Sri Lanka and the use of the internet
    Dr Sarita Sahay Hindu mythology, folklore and tribal studies, women studies, adolescent studies PSI
    Dr Ahmad Sarmast Music and culture of Afghanistan and Central Asia Music
    Prof Shamsul, A.B. World authority on Malaysian civilisation and culture
    Sharmini Sherrard PSI
    Mr Kannan Srinivasan PSI
    Dr David Templeman SOPHIS
    Mr David Treisman PSI
    Dr Dennis Walker PSI
    Dr Ann Wiggleworths PSI
    Dr Guibin Zhang PSI