Postgraduate Student Profiles

Tegan Farrell

PhD, Film, Media and Communications. Arts

TITLE: Gods, ghosts, and ancestors in contemporary Taiwan: Reality and representations

SUMMARY: This project explores folk religious practices and beliefs in present-day Taiwan and how these practices and beliefs are represented in Taiwanese news, film, and television, combining an anthropological study of engagement in and experiences of folk religious practices in Taiwan with content and discourse analysis of representations of folk religion in Taiwanese Chinese-language media.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Taiwan, media, journalism, religion, cultural studies, China

Le Thu Mach

PhD, Journalism. Arts

TITLE: Emerging social media and the green public sphere

SUMMARY: Compare coverage of green issues (environment, climate change, sustainability) on mainstream media and social media; Examine the contexts in which the coverage is generated; Identify the impact of social media on green issues.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Journalism and social media about Environment, climate change and sustainability

Yuning Zhang

PhD, Literary and Cultural Studies. Arts

TITLE: Reality TV in China and its audience

RESEARCH INTERESTS: media, audience studies, contemporary Chinese society

Wanchana Tongkhampao

PhD, Film, Media and Communications. Arts

TITLE: Other masculinities: filmic and literary representations of popular masculinist heroes in Thailand

SUMMARY: In Thailand, the outlaws are usually celebrated in popular culture and become an icon of teen masculinities. My research argues that these outlaw heroes, whom I called them ‘popular masculinist heroes, have emerged and developed along with the growth of modern media, especially film and literature in Thailand since the post World War II to the present. Despite being out of focus in the Thai cultural studies research, these heroes have largely contributed to the identity of Thai ‘modern’ masculinity.

Thai cultural studies and cultural history, Thai and Asian cinemas, Thai literature, Gender and masculinities, Theories of representation, Alternative modernities

Teck Fann GOH (Fann)

Film, Media and Communications. Arts

TITLE: Japanese Film Festivals and Cultural Exchange in the Asia-Pacific

SUMMARY: This project will examine the transformations and the recent development of Japanese Film Festivals in the Asia-Pacific in relation to international cultural exchange and their contributions to the dynamics of international film festivals in the region.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Film festivals, Asian media cultures, Japanese popular culture, cultural exchange in Asia

Naziat Choudhury

PhD, Media, Film and Journalism. Arts

TITLE: Social capital and the audience commodity: Online media in the USA and China

SUMMARY: A comparative analysis of the rise of online social networking sites and messenger apps in the USA and China. The political economy that governs the popularity of these sites, as well as the migration of social capital is compared. While trying to understand the success of these social media, an attempt is made to understand the relation between the changing patterns of urban life and the consequent attractiveness towards these media.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Social media, intercultural communication, internet and society