Photos from International Symposium- “Asia Literacy” in practice

The International Symposium -“Asia Literacy” in practice was held on Thursday  12 June 2014 at Monash University Caulfield Campus The Symposium addressed the importance of “Asia literacy” as it has been widely discussed in Australia since the 1990s and was given renewed emphasis in the 2012 White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century. The Asia Education Foundation has been working hard to implement the cross-curriculum priority of “Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia” at Australian schools. But what Asia literacy really means and how it can be cultivated are not easy questions. In the academy and in Australian public culture, concerns have been raised about the risk of reproducing essentialist views that turn “Asian cultures” into stereotypes. Many have also criticized the promotion of Asia literacy as being too market-driven. These criticisms help us to focus attention on what we mean by “Asia” and what forms of engagement with Asia are occurring in Australia. The symposium addressed four major domains of discussion: Teaching “Asia” in the high school;  “Asia Literacy” in business;  Working with “Asia”: Material culture and activism and Embracing “Asia”: Towards an inclusive engagement This one-day symposium expounded on the experiences of people who have been involved in practising “Asia literacy” through their work in such fields as secondary and university education, business, craft art, activism and media. Through the various experiences of invited speakers, this one-day  provided participants with a wealth of informed perspectives on and critical insights into engaging with “Asia”. This highly successful event, was attended by 60 participants from a number of academic and cultural institutions. The general consensus called for a further follow up discussion of this topic in the future.

Session 1 at the Symposium 12 June 2014IMG_8357 
The Panel on Teaching "Asia" in the high school
The Panel on Teaching “Asia” in the high school