Papers presented at the 17th Biennial Conference of the ASAA, Melbourne, Australia

Papers are presented in alphabetical order by first author’s surname.




Pakistan’s undemocratic political culture
Nasreen Akhtar, International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan

Educational futures: creating a female education space in Colonial India, 1854-1934
Tim Allender, University of Sydney, Australia (

Elusive becoming: the rising middle classes, internal migration and architectural landscapes of the urbanized villages in 21st century Bali
Amanda Achmadi, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne

Solidarity aid: the Cuba – Timor Leste health program
Tim Anderson, Political Economy, University of Sydney (

Controversies surrounding Malaysian independent female director Yasmin Ahmad’s first film, Sepet
Farah Azalea Mohamed Al Amin, Film and Television Studies, Monash University, Australia

Dislocating Asia from space & time: Asian Australian artists in transit
Andrea Ash Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN) (

Singapore in transition: economic change and political consequences
Ian Austin, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia

Literature and the Australian study of Indonesia
Harry Aveling, La Trobe University/Monash University, Australia (

Understanding responsible entrepreneurship of micro-businesses in Bangladesh
Fara Azmat, Deakin University, Australia

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Mobile phone access and usage among female micro-entrepreneurs in Bombay City today
Aneela Babar, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University ( )
Judith Shaw, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University (
Marika Vicziany, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University (

Processes and methods used in Islamic internet identity
Nasya Bahfen, School of Applied Communication, RMIT, Australia (

Statelessness in a world of nation-states
Samantha Balaton-Chrimes, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Australia (

Iranian-Armenians on the Silk Road
James Barry, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University

The militant trend in early patriotic works of modern Chinese children’s literature
Lijun Bi, Monash University (

East Timor’s national literacy campaign and the struggle for a post-conflict democracy
Bob Boughton, University of New England, Australia (

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How new is online news? Online news services in China and South Korea
Thomas Chase, Monash University, Australia

Shinseinen in the interwar period (1920-30)
Yasuko Claremont, University of Sydney

Land development and livelihood vulnerability in Sabah
Fadzilah Majid Cooke, Research Unit for Ethnography and Development, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (, )

Hunger of the body, hunger of the mind: a comparative assessment of child anthropomotry and household food security
Elizabeth Elliott Cooper, Department of Anthropology, University of South Florida, USA(

Transnational struggle: Asian seafarers and the struggle for Indonesian independence in Australia
Drew Cottle, University of Western Sydney and
Angela Keys, Institute for Land, Water and Society, Charles Sturt University

Collaborative cultural practices of activist networks in contemporary Indonesia
Alexandra Crosby, University of Technology, Sydney (

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In the frame of mind to take control: politics surrounding the banning of Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Syndromes and a century (Sang Sattawat, 2006)
Dianne Daley, Film and TV Studies, Monash University (

A masculinised party culture: obstacles facing women in Japan’s liberal democratic party
Emma Dalton, Centre For Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies, University Of Wollongong

Counter-terrorism and police community engagement in India
Kamala Kanta Dash, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Australia (

Thailand for travellers: from exotic fantasy to complex destination
Caron Eastgate Dann, Monash University, Australia (

Affirming Chinese identity in a language of violence: reflections on writings by China’s new nationalists
Gloria Davies and Guanjun Wu, Monash University, Australia (

A Chinese Indonesian mosque’s outreach in the Reformasi Era
Anne Dickson, University of Sydney (

Defining experience: exploring feminism in Indonesian visual arts
Wulan Dirgantoro, University of Tasmania

“Now we want Malays to awake…” The Malay women teachers of Johor and Bulan Melayu
Anna Doukakis, University of New South Wales, Australia

From celebrities to the forgotten people of Indonesia, a working photographer’s life: Poriaman Sitanggang, the Dani, post-tsunami Aceh and the widows
Jennifer Dudley, Asian Studies, Murdoch University, Western Australia (

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Cosmopolitan or cultural dissonance? Vietnamese middle-class encounters with the other
Catherine Earl, Monash University, Australia (

Policy perspectives of road traffic injury in developing Asia
Matthew Ericson, Monash University

Business and political actor relationship in Indonesia’s local autonomy project: a comparative study on Batam city and Kutai Kartanegara regency
Rosa Evaquarta, Department of Government & International Relations, University of Sydney (,

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Early insights into Chinese entrepreneurship in Prato, Italy
Anja Michaela Fladrich, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University

India’s higher education sector in the twenty-first century – a growing market, and the need for greater international engagement
David Feith, Monash College, Australia (

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Suketu Mehta’s dystopian Bombay: an Indian, neo-Orientalism?
David Geraghty, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Australia

Parting of the ways: trade unions, NGOs and social movements in India
Michael Gillan, UWA Business School, University of Western Australia

Immersive multi-user virtual environments: a new platform for foreign language teaching and learning
Scott Grant, Chinese Studies Program, Monash University

Participatory citizenship and sustainable development: redefining “public” in contemporary China and Japan
Hongyan Gu, University of Sydney (

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Garin Nugroho’s West Papuan films: the ‘West Papuan Spring’ and its aftermath
David Hanan, Film and Television Studies, School of ECPS, Monash University (

Nuisance or necessity? Regional autonomy and the mining industry in Indonesia
Kirsty Haymon, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Australia

‘Knowing Indonesia from afar: Indonesian exiles and Australian academics’
David T. Hill, Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University (

Sorcerer killings in 1998 East Java: an analysis of press and academic reports
Nicholas Herriman, Monash Asia Institute (

Legislating to combat trafficking in Vietnam
Hoang, Thi Tue Phuong, Faculty of Law, Monash University (

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From isolation to invisibility – West Bali, East Java and the Bugis diaspora
Mary Ida Bagus, Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies, University of Newcastle (

The chosen image: Indonesia and the international circuit
Dr Susan Ingham, UNSW College of Fine Arts

The Chen Dengke phenomenon—a case of “affirmative action” in Maoist China
Robert Irving, School of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics, Monash University

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Health services of village doctors under China’s new community health insurance
Sukhan Jackson, School of Economics, The University of Queensland, Australia ( and
SUN Xiaoyun, Health Department of Shandong Province, China ( and
Adrian C. Sleigh, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, The Australian National University, Australia (

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Truth seeking and memory politics in post conflict East Timor
Lia Kent, University of Melbourne (

‘Self-Reliance Program’ in South Korea: focused on the experiences of the participants
Ji-Sun Kim, School of Social Sciences and International Studies, Social Policy Research Centre
University of New South Wales (

Hot young things: re-writing young Japanese women for the new century
Emerald Louise King, School of Asian Languages and Studies, University of Tasmania

Progressive and nationalist ways of discussing patriotism, humiliation and memory in the Chinese Media
Damien Kinney, Monash University (

Race, empire and liberalism: interpreting John Crawfurd’s history of the Indian archipelago
Gareth Knapman, Thomas Ramsay Science and Humanities Fellow, Museum Victoria, Australia
(, (

China and India : transforming the global economic landscape through innovation and knowledge
Anand Kulkarni and George Bougias

Water not for all: the consequences of water privatisation in Jakarta, Indonesia
Heni Kurniasih, The University of Melbourne (, )

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Considerations for performing arts organisations in a climate of transition to the open market context in Vietnam
Huong Le, School of Management and Marketing, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University

Constructing consumerist masculinities: men’s lifestyle magazines in contemporary China
Tracy K. Lee, The Australian National University (

Passages to Pakistan: a tale of two speeches
Madhavi Ligam, Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia (

Cyberlebrity and Chinese popular culture
Alexander Lugg, Monash University, Australia (

The impact of e-government in greater China: case studies of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore
Sabrina Ching Yuen Luk, The Department of Government and Public Administration, The Chinese
University of Hong Kong (

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From tolerance to terror: representations of Indonesian Islam in the Australian press
Inez Mahony, University of Sydney, Australia (

“Is North India violent because it has a surplus of men?”
Peter Mayer, Lance Brennan, Ralph Shlomowicz and John McDonald

More than cricket? Multiple dimensions of Australia’s relationship with India
Peter Mayer, Politics Department, University of Adelaide and
Purnendra Jain, Centre for Asian Studies, University of Adelaide

Folk ecology and epics in rural China
Anne E. McLaren, University of Melbourne, Australia

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From tourist to migrant: the interaction between work-oriented lifestyle, tourism experience, and migration decisions among Japanese lifestyle migrants to Australia
Jun Nagatomo, The University of Queensland

Transforming Japan’s security policy: diplomacy and domestic politics
Toshiya Nakamura, University of Nagasaki (

The inter-relationships between entrepreneurial culture, knowledge management and competitive advantage in a transitional economy
Que Thi Nguyet Nguyen, Graduate College of Management, Southern Cross University, Australia(
Philip A. Neck, Graduate College of Management, Southern Cross University, Australia (
Thanh Hai Nguyen, Department of Management, Monash University, Australia (

Promoting SMEs in a Confucian and socialist market economy: moving towards sustainability
Thanh Hai Nguyen, Department of Management, Monash University, Australia ( and
Quamrul Alam, Department of Management, Monash University, Australia ( and
Daniel Prajogo, Department of Management, Monash University, Australia (

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Globalisation and education reforms in Japan: beyond the national initiatives
Kaori H. Okano, La Trobe University (

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The experience of adolescent students in modernist Islamic boarding schools in West Sumatra, Indonesia
Lyn Parker, Asian Studies, School of Social and Cultural Studies, The University of Western Australia, Australia (

Temples and modernity: issues raised by a Mumbai case study
William Parker, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University

Globalising victims of terror: shared memories and memorialising in the Subway Sarin Incident Victims Association and the September 11th Families Association
Mark Pendleton, School of Historical Studies, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Dialogic spaces
Anoma Pieris, culty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne (

No place like home: experiences of the Netherlands East Indies as real, virtual and politically contested reality
Nonja Peters (

Dayak resistance to oil palm plantations in West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Lesley Potter, Human Geography, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, ANU

Morally engaged: Herb Feith and the study of Indonesia
Jemma Purdey, Monash University

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The Kolis of Mumbai at crossroads: religion, business and urbanisation in cosmopolitan Bombay today
Sanjay Ranade, Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Mumbai and Monash Asia Institute, Monash University (

Writing infotainment: commercialisation and the emergence of a new style of political reporting in India
Ursula Rao
School of Social Sciences and International Studies, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia(

Terrorism in Bangladesh and India: is there a common pattern?
Iftikar Arman Rashid and Marika Vicziany, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Australia

East Timor: national identity, history and culture wars
Dr Claire Rawnsley, ACPACS, University of Queensland, Australia ( )

Reading the future in Indonesia: Javanese texts of prophesy as a popular genre
Dr Thomas Reuter, School of Poitical and Social Inquiry, Monash University (

Shinseinen and the iconography of war
Roman Rosenbaum, University of Sydney (

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Naxalism, caste-based militias and human security: lessons from Bihar
Gaurang R. Sahay, Centre for Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Mahathir Mohamad as a cultural relativist: Mahathirism on human rights
Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani, College of Laws, Government and International Studies, Universiti Utara Malaysia (

Internationalisation of small medium sized enterprises in Indonesia: entrepreneur human and social capital
Diana Sari, Monash University (
Quamrul Alam, Monash University (
Nicholas Beaumont, Monash University (

Japanese policies and international students in Japan
Chun-Fen Shao, School of Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Art, University of Sydney (

Politics and origin of the India-Bangladesh border fence
Rizwana Shamshad, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University (

Housemaid remittances in rural Sri Lanka: development policy issues
Judith Shaw, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Australia (

Directors’ accountability to investors, workers and the environment under Chinese law
Chenxia Shi, Department of Business Law and Taxation, Monash University

Remaking the state in Timor-Leste: the case for constitutional reform
Dennis Shoesmith, Charles Darwin University

From triumphalism to the ‘New Deal’: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the Asian century
Sven Alexander Schottmann, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University (

The proposed reform of secondary education in Bangladesh: is science neglected or promoted?
Mohammad Nure Alam Siddique, Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia and Institute of education and Research
University of Dhaka ( ( )

Becoming a medicine man: an exploration of one space between childhood and adulthood in Java
Traci Smith, Department of Anthropology, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS) ANU

Modanizumu and ccience fiction: Naoki Sanjûgo’s henkaku tantei shôsetsu
Rebecca Suter, Sydney University, Australia ( )

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The case-book of Mr San Shar: Burmese society and nationalist thought in the 1930s as seen in the Burmese Sherlock Holmes stories
Takahashi, Yuri, University of Sydney (

Global nomads: towards a study of ‘Asian’ third culture kids
Danau Tanu, The University of Western Australia (

Colonialism and the Brooke administration: institutional buildings and infrastructre in 19th century Sarawak
John Ting, University of Melbourne (

Constructing a non-hegemonic, interactive space for traditional Asian medicine
Rey Tiquia, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Melbourne (rtiquia@ )

Rolled up Bugis stories: a parakeet’s song of an old marriage calendar
Roger Tol, KITLV-Jakarta ( )

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Regulating morality: compulsory veiling at an Indonesian university
Eve Warburton, Aceh Research Training Institute (ARTI), Banda Aceh, NAD Indonesia

Corporate and consumer conceptions of ‘fast food’ branding in Malaysia
Tony Wilson, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and
Khor Yoke Lim, School of Communication Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia

The glittering world: female youth and gendered nocturnal space in Yogyakarta
Tracy Wright Webster, University of Western Australia (

Commemoration and its limitations: the mass rapes of Chinese Indonesian women May 1998
Monika Swasti Winarnita, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Australia

Sir Stamford Raffles – a manufactured hero?
Nadia Wright, University of Melbourne

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Questioning the myths of origin: Amir Muhammad’s historical film about the Communist Party of Malaya and Malaysian independence
Wan Aida Wan Yahaya, Film and Television Studies, School of ECPS, Monash University, Australia

From whence does popular culture emanate and how is it re-made? Junguru Taitei or Lion King?
Seiko Yasumoto, Japanese Studies, University of Sydney (

Activism of Indonesian NGOs on the issue of women migrant workers: engaging in national and international co-operation
Sylvia Yazid, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University, Australia (

The “direct elections” for township party heads in China
Zaijun Yuan, Chinese Studies Program, Faculty of Arts, Monash University, Australia (

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The multiple meanings and their dialogue in Sanguo Zhi Tongsu Yanyi (The Romance of the Three Kingdoms)
Jianyu Zhou, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (

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