Outside Asia: Japanese and Australian Encounters & Identities in Flux


Edited by Stephen Alomes, Peter Eckersall, Ross Mouer and Alison Tokita
(ISBN: 9781 9217 7581 9, Japanese Studies Centre 2012, 243pp, paperback)

Outside Asia: Japanese and Australian Encounters & Identities in FluxThe Japanese Studies Centre has published a new book on Australia-Japan relations ‘Outside Asia: Japanese and Australian Encounters & Identities in Flux‘. The essays in this book originated when the authors gathered in Broome to discuss this theme in December 2006, the Australia-Japan Year of Friendship. Broome was chosen because of its special place in the history of Australia-Japan relations, and for its liminal character on the edge of both Australia and Asia.

This book explores from diverse angles how the outsider experience conditions cultural encounters between Australia and Japan. A sense of being on the fringe of Asia and consequent anxieties about the region impinge on identity, history, politics, society, culture and the arts in each country. The intercultural relations between Australia and Japan are deeply embedded in the self-identity of each nation, and the sense of being “outside Asia” continues to inform social, cultural and political life in contemporary Japan and Australia. This continuing cultural narrative is important. It remains extraordinarily significant even as both nations are engaged in complex multilateral relations with others, while participating as ‘allies’ in the broader cultural, political, economic and strategic flows that constitute globalisation. Those processes, links and flows influence many larger and smaller nations in the multi-polar era of today.

The book is available through the Custom Book Centre at Melbourne University, and can be purchased online through the following link www.bookshop.unimelb.edu.au/cbc/?9781921775819