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Into India – A project for innovative educational materials

In 1997, the National Centre for South Asian Studies completed a major textbook and video teaching package for Australian schools called Into India. The publisher was the Curriculum Corporation of Australia. Partners in the project included the Asia Education Foundation and a large number of Australian academic specialists who contributed input, advice and peer group review for the project. The NCSAS is also grateful to the many Indian friends, colleagues and supporters who provided information, interviews and other materials for the text and 5 video documentaries.

Into India was an initiative of the National Centre for South Asian Studies in order to better inform the Australian public about the important changes occurring in India during the 1990s. By developing new curriculum materials on India, it was also hoped that knowledge about India in Australian schools would improve.

Information about Into India can be accessed via:

The site also provides teachers with information about how to use this invaluable resource.

Into India is the largest project undertaken by the National Centre for South Asian Studies. The total value of project funds was $300,000 from various sources. Special thanks are due to the following supporters and sponsors:

  • Australia India Council (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Canberra)
  • Department of Education (Commonwealth Government of Australia, Canberra)
  • Telstra Corporation