Monash Asia Research Database unveiled

Dear all colleagues,

We are very excited to announce that the list of Monash researchers working on Asian regions has been established

on the MAI webpage. It is a comprehensive list of all Monash researchers. 

Please check it at:


We will keep on updating and improving the list by adding a country-by-country subcategory and Monash

researchers who are not on the list can easily request their entries via the webpage or send a

request to:


So many people have kindly assisted in making the list. Special thanks go to the members of the MAI

advisory board for helping us collect the names of researchers; to Julian Millie, Mridula Chakraborty and 

Halina Bluzer for their productive suggestions; and to Jodie Wood, Thomas Bolton, Vanessa Fleming-Baillie

and Max Richter for their work on the webpage creation and design.


Koichi Iwabuchi on behalf of the MAI community