Monash Asia Institute April Bulletin 2018

April 2018 Bulletin

From the MAI Director’s Desk

We believe that everyone has had a nice Easter Break. And please be nicely reminded that many exciting events are awaiting you after the break! MAI will organize a MAI Research Day on 27 April, which will discuss the commencement of a “Global Asia” major in B.A. degree and related issues of innovative learning about “Asia” in Australia. It will be a great occasion to discuss current situation and future direction of the study of Asia. There will also be stimulating seminars on Bali 1928 Repatriation Program, queer and hikikomori (“shut ins”) issues in Japan, and Korean quiz seminar co-hosted by Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea. Last but not the least, MAI is organising an international symposium in Tokyo that will facilitate dialogue between Immigration Museum, Melbourne and migrant youths in Japan over the fostering cultural diversity through cultural expressions, as part of 2017-2018 Australia-Japan Foundation Grant project. Please check all the details in this Bulletin and on the MAI webpage!

Professor Koichi Iwabuchi
Director, Monash Asia Institute


MAI Events

MAI Research Day
Teaching and Learning about “Asia” in Australia
27 April Friday 2018, Room 901/902, Building S, Caulfield campus

MAI International Symposium
Cultural expression and the promotion of diversity: Dialogue with Immigration Museum, Melbourne
22 April Sunday 2018, Keio University, Tokyo

Japanese Studies Centre seminar
Queer Identity and Hikikomori Issues by Rosemary Overell, University of Otago  
11 April Wed 2018, Japanese Studies Centre, Clayton campus

Herb Feith Foundation Lecture
Bali 1928 Repatriation Program by Edward Herbst
5 April Thurs 2018, HB40, Building H, Caulfield campus

Korean Studies seminar
Quiz on Korea
19 April Thurs 2018, Room 116, Building H, Caulfield campus

Fellowship Application
Sydney China Visitors Program
Due date 27 April 2018