From the MAI Director’s Desk

Easter break is over and MAI is gearing up for a multitude of activities. We are organizing a
special international seminar of TransAsia
as Method, in which two distinguished scholars will
discuss “Diaspora Diplomacy” in the context of India and Australia. A new Film Screening
Seminar will begin in April. The first film to be shown is Love and Marriage in Kabul. The Centre
for Southeast Asian Studies will present a seminar on an intriguing topic of Islamic Preaching and
Indonesia’s Public Sphere. And there are two stimulating seminars on modern Japanese history one
on Kobe beef and the other on the Beatles’ Tokyo concerts. Please check the details of all
events in this Bulletin. Last but not least, please do not forget that the call for expressions of
interest is still open for MAI Research Day in May. We will aim to develop crossfaculty
collaborative projects on environment, sustainability and social changes in Asia. The call for
papers is also open for two international conferences being organised by MAI. Please kindly
circulate this information. We look forward to receiving your proposals!

Prof. Koichi Iwabuchi
Director, Monash Asia Institute