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The Monash Asia Institute Newsletter is published monthly. It incorporates news items from the research centres of the Monash Asia Institute, partner organisations and other groups working to promote Asian Studies in Australia.

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If you wish to submit an item for the newsletter, please send an email to the MAI-Enquiries address. The item should be of interest or relevant to the promotion of Asian Studies in Australia and should not be longer than 150 words. The due date for items for the newsletter is the 25th of each month.

  • Monash Asia Institute Bulletin  – September 2016 From the MAI Director’s Desk Many inspiring events are awaiting us in September. We will have the inaugural public seminar, From Asia literacy to Australia literacy, which MAI has jointly organised with Immigration Museum, Melbourne. Please RSVP by 7 September. MAI is also co-organising the 7th Asian Translation Traditions ... Read more
  • MAI BULLETIN AUGUST 2016 From the MAI Director’s Desk Second semester has just begun. Please get ready for exciting events in August. We will have seminarson Gender and sexual diversity in China and India; Malaysian gender politics; Apocalyptic fictions inJapan as well as the screening of Sri Lankan film, “The Singing Pond”. We are also pleased toannounce ... Read more
  • MAI BULLETIN MAY 2016 From the MAI Director’s Desk MAI Research Day is coming soon. It is an exciting initiative to develop crossfaculty collaborative projects on environment, sustainability and social changes in Asia. We have received many interesting expressions of interest and really look forward to having a productive scholarly exchange! MAI welcomes a new research initiative, South Asian Diaspora International ... Read more
  • MAI BULLETIN APRIL 2016_ From the MAI Director’s Desk Easter break is over and MAI is gearing up for a multitude of activities. We are organizing aspecial international seminar of TransAsiaas Method, in which two distinguished scholars willdiscuss “Diaspora Diplomacy” in the context of India and Australia. A new Film ScreeningSeminar will begin in April. The first ... Read more
  • MAI BULLETIN MARCH 2016 From the MAI Director’s Desk Another exciting year awaiting us! MAI will be organizing three major international conferences in Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne andBangkok and call for papers of the latter two conferences are now open. We are starting a new seminar series, “sex and sexuality” as part of TransAsia as method. And MAI Research Day inSemester ... Read more
  • MAI BULLETIN NOVEMBER_DECEMBER 2015_ From the MAI Director’s Desk As second semester is approaching the end, we are moving into a conference season. November and early December will have many interesting seminars and conferences at Monash University and around Melbourne, some of which you will find mentioned in this Bulletin. The ARC DP and DECRA 2016 results ... Read more
  • MONASH ASIA INSTITUTE OCTOBER BULLETIN As the weather warms up, MAI is gearing up for an exciting event schedule for October. MAI will co-organize an international conference with National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei. We plan to regularly co-organize  international conferences in Asian cities and this is our first venture. Many prominent scholars will gather there ... Read more
  • From the MAI Director’s Desk It has been confirmed that the 3rd MAI Research Day will be held on 16 October Friday 2015. This time, we will openly discuss what we can do in order to further enhance the study (both teaching & research) of Asia at Monash. This will be a brainstorming session and we ... Read more
  • From the MAI Director’s Desk The second semester has just started at Monash and we will have many exciting events to come. In August, Mridula Nath Chakraborty, who joined Monash Asia Institute this year, will give an inaugural talk. We also have Japanese Studies Center’ monthly seminar and Asian Cultural & Media Studies Research Cluster will ... Read more
  • MAI Bulletin-June2015 From the MAI Acting Director’s Desk Dear MAI colleagues and peers, The MAI Research Day brought to us an astonishing breadth of expertise in Asian research being done at Monash University. Ranging from disciplines as varied as Tibetan Buddhism and tourism in the Indo-Pacific, from inter-faith weather stations to ethnomusicology in South East Asia, from the ... Read more
  • MAI Bulletin-May2015 From the MAI Acting Director’s Desk April was the cruellest month. While Vanuatu was still reeling from Cyclone Pam in March, Nepal was shaken by an earthquake of the magnitude of 7.8-8.1, with massive loss to life and resources. As The Diplomat reports, the Asia-Pacific has accounted for 61 percent of global losses from disasters ... Read more
  • MAI Bulletin-April2015 From the MAI Acting Director’s Desk Dear MAI scholars and researchers, It is my great pleasure to be part of the MAI family as Acting Director while Koichi Iwabuchi is away on OSP. I come to Monash University from the University of Western Sydney, where I was a postdoctoral research fellow and lecturer with the Writing ... Read more
  • MAI Bulletin-March2015 From the MAI Acting Director’s Desk Dear MAI scholars and researchers, It is my great pleasure to be part of the MAI family as Acting Director while Koichi Iwabuchi is away on OSP. I come to Monash University from the University of Western Sydney, where I was a postdoctoral research fellow and lecturer with the Writing ... Read more
  • MAI Bulletin NOV-DEC 2014 From the MAI Director’s Desk The 2014 teaching weeks have ended. But MAI’s research activities still continue! There will be two large international conferences in November and December—Asian Cultural and Media Studies Now and Interactive Futures: Young People’s Mediated Lives in the Asia Pacific and Beyond. Please also find in this bulletin the ... Read more
  • MAI-Bulletin-October-2014 From the MAI Director’s Desk MAI’s inaugural Research Day was very successfully held on 12 September. Around sixty people from various disciplines, schools, centres and faculties joined together and more than twenty people made a brief presentation about their research projects. It was a great occasion that showcased various researches conducted within Monash and facilitated intellectual conversation among researchers working ... Read more
  • MAI-Bulletin-September-2014 From the MAI Director’s Desk The first MAI research day is coming closer. This will be a great occasion that showcases various research conducted within Monash and facilitates intellectual conversation among researchers. We really hope that many researchers are participating in this inaugural event on 12th September. On 18 September, MAI is organizing a screening seminar ... Read more
  • MAI-Bulletin-August-2014   From the MAI Director’s Desk During the semester break, there were many well attended events, including a highly successful international symposium on, Asia Literacy in Practice. More will be coming in the second semester. In August. Trans-Asia as Method seminar series will reconsider the study of migration from trans-Asian perspectives. A special lecture organized by The ... Read more
  • MAI Bulletin June 2014   From the MAI Director’s Desk On 12 June, MAI is holding a one-day international symposium, Asia Literacy in Practice. This one-day symposium will highlight the experiences of people who have been involved in practicing “Asia literacy” through their work in such fields as secondary and university education, business, craft art, activism and media. ... Read more
  • MAI Bulletin MAY 2014 From the Director’s Desk In May, Trans-Asia as method will be jointly organized with Asian Cultural and Media Studies Research Cluster, whose topic is ABC’s international broadcasting service in Asian regions. We will also have three student seminars. At the Mon@sia seminar, undergraduate students will critically discuss the issues of “Asia Literacy”. Three ... Read more
  • From the Director’s Desk MAI Bulletin April 2014 In April, Trans-Asia as method will be jointly organized with Japanese Studies Centre, in which transnational flows and national policy regarding highly skilled migrants in Asia will be discussed in a comparative manner. The National Centre for South Asian Studies will have a special seminar on Sufism and shamanism in Xinjuang. At the first ... Read more