MAI Bulletin May 2014

MAI Bulletin MAY 2014

From the Director’s Desk

In May, Trans-Asia as method will be jointly organized with Asian Cultural and Media Studies Research Cluster, whose topic is ABC’s international broadcasting service in Asian regions. We will also have three student seminars. At the Mon@sia seminar, undergraduate students will critically discuss the issues of “Asia Literacy”. Three postgraduate students will make a presentation of their research projects at the Japanese Studies Centre Seminar. Last but not the least, Postgraduate Research Forum on the Asia-Pacific (PRFAP) will discuss an innovative approach to the study of culture and performance, which has been developed in the Philippinecontext.Please check the details in the bulletin and the MAI webpage!

Prof. Koichi Iwabuchi

The next MAI Bulletin is scheduled for Monday 2 June 2014. If you have news on any events or other announcements that you would like us to include, please forward this to, by Thursday 29th May 2014.