MAI Bulletin May 2013

MAI Bulletin MAY 2013

In this month, we are having an international seminar, Rethinking Race/Racism from Asian Experiences on 24 May. It is a special event of Trans-Asia as method seminar series. The seminar aims to reconsider and expand the studies of race and racism by examining them in the Japanese and Malaysian contexts. A public forum Mon@sia will discus the education of Asian literacy in Australian schools, which is rather an imperative issue for all of us. Please find all the details of these events and the regular seminar series of CSEAS and JSC in this bulletin and on the MAI webpage.

Many thanks for your continuous support for MAI activities.

From Prof Koichi Iwabuchi


The next MAI Bulletin is scheduled for Monday 3st June 2013. If you have news on any events or other announcements that you would like us to include, please forward it to by Thursday 30th, May 2013.