MAI Bulletin June 2013

MAI Bulletin JUNE 2013

In June, in addition to various seminars, we will have a significant event.
On 18 June, MAI will organize a special event for Professor Marika Vicziany’s official retirement from Monash University in honour of her great achievement in the development of MAI and the study of Asian regions at Monash. This will be a great occasion where we can listen to Marika’s inspiring address and applaud her academic accomplishment together. (Please also note that Mon@sia will be held just prior to the event at the same venue!)

Looking forward very much to seeing you then.

Professor Koichi Iwabuchi

The next MAI Bulletin is scheduled for Thursday 1st August 2013. If you have news on any events or other announcements that you would like us to include, please forward it to by Monday 29th, July 2013.