MAI Bulletin April 2013

MAI Bulletin Apr 2013

The hectic first month of Semester 1 has ended with a relieving Easter break. I hope you had (or are still having) a nice break. Even with a busy schedule of March, a good number of people (researchers, postgraduate students and undergraduate students) participated in MAI’s new public forum Mon@sia and seminar series Trans-Asia as Method. At Mon@sia, about 30 people exchanged ideas in an inspiring manner about why and how we study about “Asia” in Australia. More than 20 people attended Trans-Asia as Method, in which Max Richter and Carolyn Stevens led a refreshing cross-regional dialogue on popular music and people’s negotiation with power. Postgraduate Research Forum on Asia-Pacific (PRFAP) has also made a promising kick-off with more than 10 students. I really appreciate your kind support for those new events. We will have even more exiting seminar line-ups in April that include the seminar series organized by CSEAS, JSC and NCSAS. Please find all the details in this bulletin and on the MAI webpage. Look forward to having further intellectual discussion at those events!
From Prof Koichi Iwabuchi

The next MAI Bulletin is scheduled for Wednesday 1st May 2013. If you have news on any events or other announcements that you would like us to include, please forward this to, by Friday 26th April 2013.