MAI Awarded Australia-Japan Foundation Grant in the second consecutive year

Migrant Diplomacy: Collaboration to advance museum’s role to foster diversity

Highly appreciating the ongoing project to facilitate the exchange between Immigration Museums in Melbourne and Tokyo, Australia-Japan Foundation has awarded Monash Asia Institute a grant for the second consecutive year.

This project aims to promote Australia-Japan partnership and innovatively advance public diplomacy in mutuality on a common ground of trans-Asian migration. Founded on the current project, this project will further promote cooperation and exchange between Immigration Museum in Melbourne and relevant organizations in Japan such as public museum, university and art council to establish a long-term sustainable relationship on an institutional level. The project will facilitate mutual learning among participants through an intensive dialogue on how museum can enhance its capacity to foster cultural diversity and inclusion in society, and a concrete action plan for organizing collaborative projects in the following years will be made. The project will also consider the establishment of a trans-Asia museum consortium to collaboratively engage with a regionally and globally shared issue of embracing migration and fostering cultural diversity.