MAI Awarded Australia-Japan Foundation Grant 2016-2017


Australia-Japan Foundation (AJF) Grant Round 2016-17

Project title:

Migrant Diplomacy: Exchange between Immigration Museum in Melbourne and Tokyo


Project organizer:

Monash Asia Institute, Monash University


Project partners:

Immigration Museum, Melbourne

Immigration Museum Tokyo (pilot project)


*Foreign Minister’s media release:


Project description

Immigration Museum creatively displays and exhibits the history of migration and migrants’ stories to understand fellow citizens’ experiences and foster cultural diversity as part of Australian society. This project aims to promote Australia-Japan bilateral relations on common ground of trans-Asian migration and cultural diversity by promoting exchange and build up collaborative relations between Immigrations Museum in Melbourne and Immigration Museum Tokyo (pilot project), whose establishment was inspired by the former. Through four days mutual visit (by one manager and three curators/artists with migrant backgrounds from Asia), two museums and people concerned, including migrant communities, will hold collaborative workshops and public symposia to present and discuss their activities, programs and artistic works, and have an intensive dialogue about how they work together to innovatively enhance the understanding of the experience of Asian migrants/diaspora as constitutive of society. The possibility of organizing a joint exhibition will also be discussed.The project will contribute to newly advancing people-to-people exchange between two countries and promoting public diplomacy in mutuality as it showcases Australian achievements of fostering cultural diversity in Japan and deepens Australia’s understanding of migrants’ experiences in Japan. The project is expected to expand by involving museums/artists of other Asian cities in the future.