International Conference: Asian migration and rooted-transnationalism

International Workshop


Asian migration and rooted-transnationalism

When and how transnational connections matter?


Organized by Monash Asia Institute, Monash University


19-20 November 2015

 Monash University, Caulfield campus

  With the intensification of migration and cross-border communications and mobility, transnationalism has been much examined in the last two decades, studied mostly in terms of migrants’ and diaspora’s physical and imaginative connections with “home”. However, recent discussion puts more emphasis on the intersection between transnationalism and integration to the host society. This workshop aims to intensively discuss when and how transnationalism matters to locally rooted mundane practices of migrants/diaspora from Asian regions, living both inside and outside Asia. It aims to explore the following questions:

  • Whether and how identification (and individualized non-identification) with ethnic and national communities, the sense of belonging to multiple societies, everyday multiculturalism, self-empowerment against marginalization, and urban conviviality (and inter-Asian interactions) are associated with and engendered by mediated and physical transnational connections and practices;
  • How these differently manifest themselves according to intersecting social attributes such as generation, age, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, education, work;
  • How transnationalism should be re-defined and approached in the age of super-diversity, super-mobility and super-connectivity, and how notions such as translocalism might be utilised?

Please send your paper proposals (less than 300 words) with your affiliation details and e-mail address no later than 30 JUNE to:
Please clearly put “Paper proposal for Transnationalism and Asia” in the subject line. Acceptance of proposal will be notified around the end of July. Please kindly be advised that we will not be able to offer financial support for participants’ travel costs. There will be no registration fees for the workshop. You can find more details of the workshop and the venue at the webpage of Monash Asia Institute: We look very much forward to receiving your proposals! Koichi Iwabuchi, Gil-Soo Han & Anita Harris (Conveners)