Inaugural Australia Asia Education Engagement Symposium

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Inaugural Australia Asia Education Engagement Symposium

Examining the opportunities for enhanced education exchange and research partnerships with Asia including the New Colombo Plan

There has been much discussion around the concept of the Asian Century and Australia’s role within this. Underpinning all of this is the need to enhance knowledge and understanding of Asia, initiate and extend regional research partnerships and build the capacity of our workforce to engage effectively in the Asian Century. The New Colombo Plan underscores the importance and role of education in achieving these goals as it “aims to lift knowledge of the Asia Pacific in Australia and strengthen our people-to-people and institutional relationships, through study and internships undertaken by Australian undergraduate students in the region.”

Informa Australia is proud to announce the Inaugural Australian Asia Education Engagement Symposium. It brings together thought leaders on the Asia with heads of leading Asia focused institutions, tertiary and school sector leaders as well as business to consider the ways in which we can better integrate Asian learning within curricula, embed capacity building on Asia within our tertiary strategies and drive research and institution to institution and people to people engagement between Australia and Asia.

The two day forum will look at some of the key drivers for engagement and set in context the urgent need for Australia to focus attention on building deeper and broader education coalitions and partnerships with Asia.


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