External funding success

Congratulations to Assoc Prof Gil Soo-Han from the School of Media, Film and Journalism and Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett from the School of Social Sciences and Population, Migration and Social Inclusion Focus Program who have been awarded funding from the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust for their project Approaches to Death, Funeral Rites and Memorialisation in Contemporary Australia: Changes and Continuities

The project aims to investigate the current practices and choices of funeral rites and memorialisation through three selected ethnic and cultural groups in the greater metropolitan Melbourne. It will provide crucial new information when it comes to future planning and policy of the Victorian Government Cemeteries and Crematoria Regulation Unit (DHHS).  The project will contribute to the social cohesiveness of Victoria’s culturally diverse population by enabling desired beyond-life choices relating to funerals and memorialisation.