MAI International Conference: Multiculturalism and Asia

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Date(s) - 21/11/2013 - 22/11/2013
9:30 am - 7:00 pm

Room HB.32 (basement), Building H, Monash University Caulfield Campus

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MAI International Workshop


Multiculturalism and Asia


Organized by Monash Asia Institute in conjunction with Sociology, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Faculty of Arts, Monash University


21-22 November 2013


Venue: Room HB.32 (basement), Building H, Monash University Caulfield campus

Registration required. RSVP (by 15 Nov) to: or


21 November

9:30- Registration

10:00-10:15 Welcome by Koichi Iwabuchi & Anita Harris


10:15-11:30                            Rethinking multicultural questions from East Asia

Chair: Koichi Iwabuchi (Monash University, Australia)


* Prof. Kim Hyun Mee (Yonsei University, Korea)

* Prof. Hsiao-Chuan Hsia (Shih Hsin University, Taiwan)

 “Multicultural questions and East Asia: A collaborative approach”



11:45-13:15                                Anti-Multiculturalism and Racism

Chair: Jinna Tay (Monash University, Australia)


* Chulhyo Kim (University of Sydney, Australia)

“Multicultural” policy without the recognition of rights and the rise of xenophobic groups in South Korea”

* Hiroshi Ishiwata (Chuo University, Japan)

“Hatred within cultural diversity in the contemporary Japan: A textual analysis of multiculturalism”

* Dr. Selvaraj Velayutham (Macquarie University, Australia)

                “Old and new racisms and the rise of nationalism in Singapore”


14:15-16:00                               Everyday Multiculturalism and Everyday Racism

Chair: Anita Harris (Monash University, Australia)


* Joowon Yuk (University of Warwick, Coventry, UK)

“Questioning the silence of race in multicultural Korea” 

* Dr. Yuko Kawai (Rikkyo University, Japan)

“Everyday nationalism and everyday racism: Implications for constructing a multicultural society in Japan”

* Sophie Chandra (University of Melbourne, Australia)

“‘Exposing the closet racist’: Critical race debates in contemporary Singapore”

* A/Prof. Amanda Wise (Macquarie University, Australia)

“Everyday multiculturalism at work: Race and multi-ethnic coexistence in Singaporean workplaces”


16:15-18:00                               Multiculturalism and the Asian century Australia

Chair: Fran Martin (University of Melbourne, Australia)


* Elsa Koleth (University of Sydney, Australia)

“Assimilating Asia: the challenges of multicultural belonging in the ‘Asian century’”

* Dr. Megan Watkins (University of Western Sydney, Australia)

                “The ‘Asian’ invasion and the ethnicisation of Australian education”

* Prof. Greg Noble (University of Western Sydney, Australia)

“‘Those Korean boys cause us a fair bit of grief’: ethnicity, multiculturalism and the construction of an educational ‘problem’”

* Dr. Catherine Gomes (RMIT, Australia)

                “Parallel multiculturalism: Asian international students in Australia”


22 November

10:00-11:30                               Media culture and multicultural subjects

Chair: Koichi Iwabuchi (Monash University, Australia)

* Prof. John Nguyet Erni (Hong Kong Baptist University) & Dr. Lisa Leung (Lingnan University, Hong Kong)

“Visuality and the making of ethnic feelings: “Minority affects” and the practices of recognition among ethnic minorities in Hong Kong”

* Dr. Younghan Cho (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea)

“Migrating sport celebrities and their ambiguities toward multiculturalism in South Korea”

* Dr. Fran Martin (University of Melbourne, Australia)

“Digital connectivity and translocal Place-Making: Chinese International students in Melbourne”


11:45-13:30                               Transnational practices/mobility and multiculturalism

Chair: Olivia Khoo (Monash University, Australia)


* Sin Yee Koh (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK)

“‘I am Malaysian!’: On not being Singaporean or PRC Chinese”

* Yuin Ting Ong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

“Queering mobility and (un)belonging: Chinese lesbian diasporic relationships and border-crossing Intimacies”

* Dr. Regina Quiazon (Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health, Australia)

                “The Filipino ‘Balikbayan’: Reflections on transnational multiculturalism”

* Dr. Reshmi Lahiri-Roy (Monash University, Australia)

                “The Kiwi-Indian Australian: Juggling multiple selves on a quotidian basis”


14:30-16:15                               Performance, art and multicultural imaginings

Chair: Anita Harris (Monash University, Australia)


* Wong Laing Ming  (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

“Cosmopolitan subject in art practice: The case of overseas Singaporean artists”

* Dr. Mary Mazzilli (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

                “Multiculturalism and intercultural theatre as an East-Asian phenomenon”

* Reagan R. Maiquez (Monash University, Australia)

            “Contact zones, performance and multiculturalism”

* Rosalind McFarlane. (Monash Univeristy, Australia)

“A palimpsest of pools: Water as transnational existence in Asian Australian poetry”


16:30-18:00              Roundtable discussion

Chair: Koichi Iwabuchi (Monash University) & Anita Harris (Monash University)


* Prof. Ien Ang (University of Western Sydney)

* Prof. Kim Hyun Mee (Yonsei Univeristiy)