Key issues on Migration, Diaspora and Belonging for Trans-Asian approaches

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Date(s) - 28/04/2017
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Lecture Theatre HB39 Monash Caulfield Campus


Second seminar_2

Speakers: Gil-Soo Han (Communications and Media Studies)

Mridula Nath Chakrabory (Monash Asia Institute)

Asian Australian Literary-Cultural Production:
changing the narrative
Mridula Nath Chakraborty
In 2016, MAI established a partnership with the
Eltham Bookstore under the aegis of the South Asian
Diaspora International Researchers Network. The
mandate of this partnership was to publicise and
disseminate literature by Asian Australian writers in
the mainstraim. The last six year of this decade have
been very productive in terms of literary production
and building a critical mass for the reception of such
works in the diaspora. This presentation will
examine at how literature provides a specific kind of
lens through which to examine migration, diaspora
and belonging and how it contributes to other
disciplines working in this area.

Multiculturalism in the Australian Cemetery: Wishes and
desires of Chinese immigrants in Melbourne Gil-Soo Han,
Helen Forbes-Mewett and Wilfred Wang
Funeral rites of immigrant populations provide an
understanding of multiculturalism in Australia. Through
interviews with 31 Chinese immigrants and funeral
professionals we show how Chinese immigrants have come
to terms with their level of acculturation and how they have
been embraced by the host society. The immigrants’
preparation and experiences of funeral services and rites
offer them a unique occasion to recognise both a strong
level of maintenance of ethnicity as well as a high level of
integration and satisfaction with Australian society. Also, it is
worth noting a subtle shifting of the attitude towards death
from mourning to celebration.
Gil-Soo will also be talking about his Industry collaborations
in this area of study to provide a road-map for such projects.