World Premiere Screening of ‘Dr. Sarmast’s Music School’ Film at the 2012 Sydney Film Festival

Event Cinemas George Street 9, Sydney
Friday 8th June 2012, 6.00pm

Directed by Polly Watkins; Produced by Beth Frey; Runtime 97 mins
Language English and Dari with English subtitles

Musicologist Dr Ahmad Sarmast* returns to Kabul after 15 years in exile to reopen an old music school, closed down by Muslim extremists in 1992. His dream is to revitalise Afghanistan’s musical traditions – devastated by years of war and Taliban rule – and create the country’s first national institute of music. He also hopes to offer Kabul’s street kids and orphans the chance to study, in the belief that music might heal their trauma and offer them a better future.’ – from 2012 Sydney Film Festival website

Trailer of the film can be view at:

* Dr Ahmad Sarmast is an MAI Research Fellow.
For more information on the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, please visit

Dr Sarmast's Music School in Kabul, Afghanistan