Democratizing Taiwan


Professor J. Bruce Jacobs
(ISBN: 9789 0042 21543, Brill, 2012, 306pp, Hardback)

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Democratizing Taiwan

Taiwan-together with India, Japan and South Korea-is one of only four consolidated Asian democracies. Democratizing Taiwan provides the most comprehensive analysis of Taiwan’s peaceful democratization including its past violent authoritarian experiences, leadership both within and outside government, popular protest and elections, and constitutional interpretation and amendments. Using extensive field research including the conduct of many interviews with government and party leaders, journalists, academics and a wide variety of citizens over many years as well as substantial research into documents, newspapers and academic research, Professor Jacobs provides many new insights into Taiwan’s democratization. He also analyses areas in which Taiwan continues to face difficulties.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: J. Bruce Jacobs is Professor of Asian Languages and Studies at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He received his PhD from Columbia University in 1975. Professor Jacobs has published numerous works on Taiwan and China over the past forty years.