Centre of Southeast Asian Studies – Seminar Series

The Centre of Southeast Asian Studies was established in 1964, soon after the founding of Monash University, in recognition of the importance of the Southeast Asian region to the university and the expertise of Monash staff in this field.

The seminar series has been a vital part of the Centre’s activities across the years, facilitating the exchange of research findings between new and established scholars working on the region.

New Venue & New Time – For 2012 series, the seminars will be held fortnightly at the Japanese Studies Centre Auditorium, Building 54 (next to the bus loop), Clayton Campus (coordinates E2 on the Clayton Campus map). Seminars will be held every second Wednesday, commencing at 4.00 pm, and concluding at 5.00 pm. If conditions allow it, question time will be extended.

Please send enquiries to the Convenor: Julian.Millie@monash.edu


Seminar Details
  31 Oct

Women’s Sexuality Defamed: The Communist Threat and Women’s Political Agency after the 1965/6 Massacre in Indonesia
Prof. Dr Saskia E. Wieringa, Chair Women’s Same-Sex Relations Crossculturally, AISSR, University of Amsterdam

** Venue: MAI Seminar Room, H5.95, Level 5, Building H, Monash University Caulfield Campus **

17 Oct

Contemporary Muslim Arguments for State Neutrality and Religious Freedom: Liberal and Progressive Voices in Post-New Order Indonesian Islam
Supriyanto Abdi,
University of Melbourne

** Venue: Elizabeth Burchill Room, Building 68, Monash University Clayton Campus **

3 Oct
Images of Light and Shadow: Priangan in the Eyes of F.W. Junghuhn
Hawe Setiawan,
Faculty of Arts and Letters, Pasundan University / Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
12 Sep
Interpreting the Macassans: Language Exchange in Historical Encounters
Paul Thomas,
School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, Monash University
5 Sep
Religious Freedom, Minority Rights and the State of Democracy in Indonesia
Prof Adnan Buyung Nasution
, Indonesia’s leading rights lawyers
* Please note the date and venue *
31 Aug
Modalities of Propagation of Islam in the Sulawesi Interior: Lessons for Understanding Islam in Eastern Indonesia?
Professor Kathryn Robinson,
Anthropology, Research School of Asia and the Pacific, College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University
* Please note the date and venue *
15 Aug
Seventeenth-Century Dutch Colonial Expansion and the Australian Frontier
(or How to Research Imperial Ideology Before the Age of Empires)

Dr Arthur Weststeijn, Royal Netherlands Institute, Rome
01 Aug
Reflections on the Vietnam War: Fifty Years on
Bruce Davies, School of English, Communications and Performance Studies, Monash University
27 Jun
Why, How, and Where Further Performance Research on Pencak Silat Makes Sense
Dr Uwe U. Pätzold, Robert Schumann University of Music, Duesseldorf, Germany
20 Jun
Muslim Merit-Making in Thailand’s Far-South
Dr Christopher M Joll,
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand & Chulalongkorn University, ThailandSundanese Poetry in Translation and Performance: The Work of Kang Godi
Godi Suwarna & Dr Safrina Soemadipradja
30 May
PhD Research Forum on Language, Literature and Culture
Anita Dewi, Paulus Sarwoto and Amelberga Astuti
16 May
Islamisation and Its Opponents in Java
Professor Merle C Ricklefs, Australian National University
08 May Indonesian Achievements as ASEAN Chairman 2011 and Prospects for ASEAN-Australia Relations
I Gede Ngurah Swajaya, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia to ASEAN
18 Apr
Importing Latin American Approaches to Social Protection into Southeast Asia: Problems and Paradoxes
Dr Ben Reid, School of Geography and Environmental Science, Monash University
28 Mar
Discontinuity in Indonesian Political Representation: The Case of the ‘Sundanese Association’ (Paguyuban Pasundan)
Mr Iip Yahya
14 Mar
East Timor’s 2012 Presidential Election
Patrick Walsh AM
29 Feb
The ‘Awkward’ History of European Civilian Internees under Japanese and Indonesian Republican Administrations, 1942 – 1947
Dr Joost Coté, Philosophical, Historical and International Studies, Monash University

CSEAS Seminar Convenor

Dr Julian Millie
Senior Lecturer – Anthropology/School of Political and Social Inquiry
Faculty of Arts, Monash University
Tel. +61 3 9905 2996
Fax. +61 3 9905 2410
Email: Julian.Millie@monash.edu

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