Congratulations to more MAI PhD Completions


We are happy to announce two more doctoral completions from the former Monash Asia Institute. They are currently from various schools in the Arts Faculty of Monash University, and have completed their doctoral degrees with the approval of examiners in the recent weeks. 

Harun Bhuyan

Thesis title: The Politics and Economics of Resilience: Peasant Perceptions and Responses to Disaster in the Sundarban Area, Bangladesh

Supervisors: Professor Emerita Marika Vicziany,  Dr Paul McShane , Dr Tikky Wattanapenpaiboon

Atul Kumar

Thesis title: ” The Evolution of Joint Warfare and China’s Military Modernisation”. 

Supervisors: Dr Remy Davison, Professor Emerita Marika Vicziany,  Dr Dennis Woodward, 

Congratulations to you both.