CMS Publications

New Roads Ahead: Australia-Malaysia Relations (1996)
This collection examines Malaysia’s contemporary politics and industrial development, and explores aspects of the relationship between the two countries

Educational Challenges in Malaysia: Advances and Prospects
edited by Zaniah Marshallsay, 1997, ISBN 0 7326 1154 7

This collection of papers addresses developments in education in Malaysia. The issues discussed include technology and education, the privatisation of education, and Australian involvement in Malayasian education, all in the context of current reforms.

Australia’s Ambivalence Towards Asia
J.V. D’Cruz and William Steele, 2002, ISBN 1 8769 2409 8

This confronting work analyses the difficulties that Australia has in establishing a meaningful relationship with Asia. It considers contemporary and historical examples from Australia culture, politics, media and society, and provides an extensive analysis of an Australian novel set in Malaysia, Blanche D’Alpuget’s Turtle Beach.