Centres and Research Clusters


    • Centre of Southeast Asian Studies
      The Centre of Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) was established in 1964, soon after the founding of Monash University, in recognition of the importance of the Southeast Asian region to the university and the expertise of Monash staff in this field. It continues to maintain an international reputation for excellence in scholarship on Southeast Asia. Leading
    • Japanese Studies Centre
      The Japanese Studies Centre has been coordinating and enhancing the development of Japanese studies in Victoria since 1981. The Japanese Studies Centre is governed by Board Members who represent several Melbourne universities engaged in research on Japan and teaching the Japanese language. The mission of the Japanese Studies Centre is to enhance international cultural
    • National Centre for South Asian Studies
      The National Centre for South Asian Studies was established in 1992 with the support of the Commonwealth Government of Australia’s Department of Education. For the first four years, Commonwealth Government funding was matched by funding from eight Australian universities that had a commitment to South Asian Studies. As a result of the restructuring of education
    • Centre for Malaysian Studies
      The Centre for Malaysian Studies was founded in 1993 in recognition of the long history of research on Malaysia at Monash and the importance of Malaysian-Australian ties in education, immigration, trade and defence. The establishment of the Monash Malaysia Campus in Kuala Lumpur in 1998 has further enhanced the role of the Centre, and office facilities
    • The Asian Cultural and Media Studies Research Cluster
      We are pleased to announce the launch of the Asian Cultural and Media Studies Research Cluster. The Asian Cultural and Media Studies Research Cluster provides a forum for the exchange of ideas related to research on media and cultural studies in Asian contexts. Housed under the Monash Asia Institute, and with support from the Research Unit
    • The Asian Performance Research Cluster
      “The Asian Performance Research Cluster (APRC) is a cross-disciplinary forum for Monash researchers, staff and students. It is a place to meet and exchange ideas through not only public seminars but also events that relate to the study and/or presentation of performance across the disciplines of Performance Studies, Music, Ethnomusicology, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Film, Media
    • South Asian Diaspora International Researchers’ Network
      The ambition of this network is to unite academics and writers from around the world whose work focuses on the South Asian Diaspora. It will provide a creatively and intellectually engaging platform to develop cutting edge joint research and educational collaborations with the aim of mutually beneficial growth in research and teaching excellence…