Centres & Clusters

Japanese Studies Centre

The Japanese Studies Centre has been coordinating and enhancing the development of Japanese studies in Victoria since 1981. The Japanese Studies Centre is governed by Board Members who represent several Melbourne universities engaged in research on Japan and teaching the Japanese language. The mission of the Japanese Studies Centre is to enhance international cultural exchange and goodwill between Australia and Japan, and to support the field of academic study and education.

The Asian Cultural and Media Studies Research Cluster

The Asian Cultural and Media Studies (ACMS) Research Cluster provides a forum for the exchange of ideas related to research on media and cultural studies in Asian contexts.

Housed under the Monash Asia Institute, the Cluster promotes cross-regional and inter-disciplinary collaborative research on topics as diverse as inter-Asian media culture flows and connections, mobile media in Asia, Asian creative and cultural industries, diasporic media and multiculturalism in Asia and Australia, and film, fashion and celebrities in Asia.