Announcing a New Unit: ‘Bangladesh Disaster Management Field Study’ Master of International Crisis Management

Bangladesh Disaster Management Field Study
(Unit code: APG4017/5017)

Bangladesh Disaster Management Field StudyIf you are interested in natural hazards, their consequences and the responses that help recovery and preparedness for future hazards, this unit is for you.

The Master of International Crisis Management will be running this exciting field study to Bangladesh as a summer unit starting in January 2013.

The unit is designed to provide opportunities for students to examine Bangladesh’s applied disaster response and recovery approaches. The focus will be on both the successes and challenges of disaster theory and strategy at the implementation level. The trip will include visits to sites and projects on the following topics: natural hazards including flooding, drought, cyclones and soil erosion, disaster risk reduction, community adaptation to climate change, food security, livelihoods, microfinance, gender, disability and governance. The nexus between recovery, development and preparedness will also be addressed during the trip.

For more information contact: Unit Coordinator: Sharmini Sherrard
(email:, Phone: 03 9903 5056).