Asian Studies Research Collection (ASRC) – Update

Change of access arrangements for the Asian Studies Research Collection (ASRC)

From June 15 to August 10, the  Asian Studies Research Collection will not be accessible for users to browse or collect their own books due to refurbishment work in the Matheson Library (including replacement of the lift). If you require items from the Collection during this period, please request them from the Matheson Library Information Point using the retrieval form provided. Library staff will retrieve them for you. Note also that, due to refurbishment work during this period, ASRC current serials and newspapers and the ASRC reference collection have been temporarily located to the 1st floor.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused by these temporary arrangements. Please let me know if you have any questions or experience any particular difficulties. If you would like assistance from a member of the ASRC staff, you can request this at the Information Point or contact us directly by email or on the ASRC enquiries number 99059178. Also use this number for enquiries regarding access to ASRC special collections.

In October, the Collection will be moved to a new and final location on the 1st floor of the Matheson Library. I look forward to sharing news with you about this.

Aline Scott-Maxwell

Senior Asian Studies Librarian