2016 ARC Discovery Project: “Transforming Cultural Identity: Media flows between Australia and East Asia”

CI: Prof. Koichi Iwabuchi, Dr. Olivia Khoo (Monash University), A/Prof Audrey Yue, A/Prof Fran Martin (University of Melbourne)

The rise of East Asian media industries, estimated to be worth US$120 billion and reaching at least 2 billion
consumers, is changing Australian media culture. While East Asian media reach in to Australian audiences via
new media, Australian media industries are reaching out to Asia via transnational co-productions. This project
examines these trends in media consumption and production to analyse impacts on the cultural identities of
Australian audiences and media products. Through the innovative framework of minor transnationalism, it will
evaluate Australia’s involvement in East Asian media circuits and produce a deeper understanding of the nation’s
relationship with its region.