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  •  Welcome to Monash Asia Institute (MAI)!  

    MAI is a multi-disciplinary research centre representing the Asian research expertise in all ten faculties on all Monash campuses located in Australia and abroad. Founded in 1988 as the Institute for Contemporary Asian Studies, it was reconstituted as the MAI in 1992 to bring together a wide range of Asia-related activities in the University and develop collaborative links with like-minded institutions in Australia, Asia, the USA and Europe. Now located in the Arts Faculty, MAI  endeavors to facilitate innovative research on Asian regions and promote cross-disciplinary and trans-Asian intellectual dialogue within and outside Monash.

    MAI Research Day on “Global Asia”  (27 April 2018)

    See the forthcoming events & news in the MAI April 2018 BULLETIN

  • FOCUS THEMES & REGIONAL COORDINATORS (**Inaugural Seminar on 31 March**)

    MAI establishes four focus themes to promote inter-disciplinary and trans-Asian research collaboration and dialogue. Coordinators of focus themes will organize trans-Asia seminar series. MAI will also invite international scholars who are working on the below themes to give a talk at trans-Asia seminar series.

    1. Migration, Diaspora and Belonging (Coordinated by GIl Soo Han and Mridula Chakraborty)
    2. Diversity, Mobility and Inclusion (coordinated by Julian Millie & Koichi Iwabuchi)
    3. Media, Culture and Performance (coordinated by Ariel Heryanto & Olivia Khoo)
    4. Cultural Citizenship and Public Pedagogy (coordinated by Koichi Iwabuchi & Philip Chan)


    MAI also appoint regional coordinators who are responsible for facilitating cross-regional exchange and responding to inquiries about the research of the region:

    East Asia: Gil Soo Han and Gloria Davies/Jonathan Benney

    Southeast Asia: Ariel Heryanto and Julian Millie

    South Asia: Mridula Chakraborty and Chandani Lokuge


Upcoming Events

Piety, Politics and Popularity of Muslim Preachers in Indonesia and Malaysia
E561, Menzies Building, Monash Clayton Campus
Event Date: 12/07/2018




In both Malaysia and Indonesia, popular Muslim preachers are playing an increasingly important role in shaping Muslims’ religious attitudes, consumption patterns and political opinions. 

This talk highlights a few popular preaching figures, exploring their religious affiliations, business activities and political engagement.

In more specific, it focuses on the online and offline preaching activities of Felix Siauw, a popular yet conservative preacher in Indonesia and his team, YukNgaji.

It explores how their preaching entail a combination of popular culture and political Islam, gaul (down-to-earth) sensibilities and conservative attitudes, as well as visual persuasion and Islamist agenda. It examines a broader change in the trend of Islamic preaching —
one in which piety, politics, and popularity are interconnected, and in which the social media, visual images and market forces area increasingly shape and shaped by the faces of political Islam.


Hew Wai Weng
Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia
Hew Wai Weng is research fellow at Institute of Malaysian and International Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (IKMAS,UKM). He has been writing on Chinese Muslim identities, Hui migration, and cultural politics of urban Muslim middle-classes in
Malaysia and Indonesia. He is the author of Chinese Ways of Being Muslim: Negotiating Ethnicity and Religiosity in Indonesia (NIAS Press 2017).


  • On Friday 16 February, Monash Asia Institute (MAI) in collaboration with Monash University's Office of Global Engagement hosted a public lecture entitled “Islam with progress: lessons learnt from Muhammadiyah“. Professor Ariel Heryanto, Deputy Director of MAI & Chair of Herb Feith introduced and welcomed keynote speaker Dr Haedar Nashir, Chairman of Muhammadiyah.  Dr. Haedar Nashir… Read more
  • How can we improve relations between Australia and Indonesia? Researchers on the “Celebrating Everyday Lives in Indonesia-Australia Neighbourhood” project seem to think the answer might lie in a cup of coffee.  In late 2017 a team of researchers from Monash University, Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Gadjah Mada and Queensland University of Technology jointly set out to… Read more
  • Billed as the ‘greatest literary show on earth’ the Zee Jaipur Literary Festival (JLF) welcomed more than 350,000 visitors in 2017. Those numbers look set to grow in 2018 as thousands of enthusiasts moved through the Diggi Palace gates to experience the festival. The event showcases a range of voices from India and abroad. This year, one of those voices was Monash Arts academic Dr. Mridula Nath Chakraborty. Read more
  • As a Faculty, we have had an excellent year of achievement in education. Both Dr Jonathan McIntosh and Associate Professor Kirsten McLean were recipients of Australian Awards for University teaching and we had unprecedented success in the Vice Chancellor awards with five recipients across the education categories. Vice Chancellor’s awards Dr James Roffee, Vice Chancellor's Award for… Read more
  • Monash Arts Professor Ariel Heryanto’s lecture “The Role of the Global Left Movement in the Fight for Indonesia's Independence” has gone viral on YouTube, with the number of viewers reaching well over 56,000 and still counting. Professor Heryanto recorded the lecture this year on July 17th at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta, where he was a… Read more

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