Monash Asia Institute

  •  Welcome to Monash Asia Institute (MAI)!  MAI is a multi-disciplinary research centre representing the Asian research expertise in all ten faculties on all Monash campuses located in Australia and abroad. Founded in 1988 as the Institute for Contemporary Asian Studies, it was reconstituted as the MAI in 1992 to bring together a wide range of Asia-related activities in the University and develop collaborative links with like-minded institutions in Australia, Asia, the USA and Europe. Now located in the Arts Faculty, MAI  endeavors to facilitate innovative research on Asian regions and promote cross-disciplinary and trans-Asian intellectual dialogue within and outside Monash.

  • MAI Research Day (6 May 2016)

    Linkage workshop on “Environment, Sustainability and Education”

    MAI International Conference & Seminar

    Diaspora Diplomacy 

       12 April 2016 at Monash University Caulfield Campus 

    The 5th Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Conference

       11-12 December 2016 at Monash University Caulfield Campus  

    Trans-Asia Human Mobilities and Encounters

       23-24 January 2017 at Chularongkorn University, Bangkok

    <MAI Sponsoring Event>

    The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2016

       2-5 June 2016 at Art Centre of Kobe

    The 7th Asian Translation Traditions Conference (Malaysia)

       26-30 September 2016 at Monash University Malaysia

    MAI Seminar series

    Mon@sia is a public forum that aims to critically rethink fundamental questions around why and how we study about “Asia” and go beyond the compartmentalization of the studies of “Asia” as something happening “over there”. Trans-Asia as method is an academic seminar series that aims to facilitate trans-Asian and cross-disciplinary dialogue by comparatively and collaboratively and develop new conceptualization and theorization from Asian experiences and de-Westernizing the production of knowledge. In addition, there are regular and occasional seminars organized by Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, Japanese Studies Centre, National Centre for South Asian Studies, and Centre for Malaysian Studies. For the details of those seminars, please see Calendar and Events page.


Upcoming Events


The 7th Asian Translation Traditions Conference (Malaysia)
Monash University Malaysia,
Event Date: 26/09/2016 - 30/09/2016


CFP: Trans-Asia Human Mobilities and Encounters
chularongkorn university
Event Date: 23/01/2017 - 24/01/2017