A LASC seminar in memory of Prof. Tope Omoniyi (Sky)

Language, religion, and spirituality – a symposium in memory of ‘Tope (Sky) Omoniyi

20th October, Monash University, Clayton Campus

Call for papers deadline 15th September

Notification of acceptance 22nd September

 In 2017 sociolinguistics lost a preeminent scholar and dear friend to many of us in Professor ‘Tope (Sky) Omoniyi. This one day symposium will reflect on Sky’s impressive legacy to the field of language and religion, as well as providing an occasion for friends in Australia to mark his passing.
We are calling for papers for this workshop that engage with the topic of the language and religion/ spirituality (broadly conceived) – both those that engage directly with Sky’s work and those that open up news avenues of enquiry. Possible areas of engagement include:
  •  Language and worship
  • Language planning in religious organisations
  • The manifestation of religious beliefs in language (metaphor etc)
  • Language tensions for faiths in the diaspora
  • Faith-based language teaching/ learning
  • Connections between language, faith and secular culture
Papers will be 20 minutes, with 10 minutes for questions.
 Submissions to be sent to  arts-lasc@monash.edu
 For Sky’s memorial webpage see https://www.forevermissed.com/tope-sky-omoniyi/stories#stories



An Interview with Professor Farzad Sharifian

Click here to read an interview with Professor Farzad Sharifian


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