Professor Farzad Sharifian

Deputy Director:

Simon Musgrave

Executive Committee:

Professor Kate Burridge

Dr Jim Hlavac

Dr Shimako Iwasaki 

Dr Howard Manns

Dr Nadine Normand-Marconnet

Dr Louisa Willoughby


Affiliates of the Centre

The centre has a large number of affiliates. Researchers, academics, postgraduate students, and those working in relevant industries may find becoming an affiliate of the Centre to be particularly useful for keeping up to date with current research and activities within the Centre.

Becoming an affiliate is free. To become an affiliate, please email LASC ( with the following information:

  • Title (Prof, Assoc Prof, Dr., Mr., Ms., etc)
  • Family name
  • Given name
  • Position (e.g. student/PhD candidate/research fellow/lecturer, etc)
  • Program/Faculty/Institution (e.g. Linguistics program, Faculty of Arts, Monash University)
  • Email address