Language and Society Centre Annual Roundtables

Fourth Annual Roundtable of Language and Society Centre

Thursday 16, Friday 17, Feb, 2012

Call for papers:
Teaching and Learning Languages for
International/Intercultural Communication

Globalization continues to bring people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds together, to live and to work, at an unprecedented speed. This phenomenon had given rise to a significant increase in and a demand for the learning and use of languages for international/intercultural communication. Teaching and learning languages for international communication involve issues that may have until recently been irrelevant within the context of teaching/learning and using ‘foreign’ languages. For example, there have been vigorous debates about the “ownership” of an international language, in particular in reference to the ownership of English as an international language. In the context of pedagogy of languages that are used for international communication, issues such as the native/non-native divide and the use of a teaching “model” have been subjects of much controversy and debate.

The Fourth Annual Roundtable of Language and Society Centre (LASC) will provide an opportunity for researchers working in areas related to the teaching and learning of languages for international/intercultural communication to share their research with each other.

Key themes include:

  • Pedagogy of languages for international/communication
  • Acquisition of languages for international/intercultural communication
  • Lingua franca communication
  • The use of multiple languages in international communication
  • The role of identity in the context of learning an international language
  • Cultural basis of international languages

Abstract submission: send an abstract (around 250-300 words) to by the 15 of December 2011.
Notification of acceptance of proposals will be by the 15th of January, 2011.

Confirmed Keynote speaker: Professor Sandra McKaySan Francisco State University

About Professor Sandra McKay

Professor Sandra McKay is Professor Emeritus of English at San Francisco State University and a Visiting Professor at the University of Hawaii in the Department of Second Language Studies. Her primary interests are macro-sociolinguistics, second language education, and English as an international language. Her books include Teaching English as an International Language: Rethinking Goals and Approaches (2002, Oxford University Press, winner of the Ben Warren International Book Award), Researching Second Language Classrooms (2006, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates), Sociolinguistics and Language Teaching(edited with Nancy Hornberger, 2010, Multilingual Matters), International English in Its Sociolinguistic Contexts with Wendy Bokhorst-Heng (2008, Routledge) and Teaching English as an International Language: Principles and Practice (edited with Lubna Alsagoff, Guangwei Hu, and Willy Renandya forthcoming, New York: Routledge).