LASC Roundtable, 2014

Language and Society Centre (LASC) 

6th Annual Roundtable

November 6-7, 2014

Call for Papers:

(Im)politeness and Language

The Language and Society Centre (LASC) is pleased to announce that its 6th Annual Roundtable will explore ‘(Im)politeness and language’.

More than 1000 papers, articles and books have dealt with politeness, most often with a focus on Brown & Levinson’s well-cited ‘face management model’ (Locher & Bousfield 2008). Yet, in recent years, a ‘second wave’ of politeness research has marked a shift away Brown & Levinson’s model as well as a focus on impoliteness as a topic worthy of study in its own right (Culpepper 2011, Haugh, 2014).

In light of this shift, the 6th Annual LASC Roundtable seeks to assemble scholars concerned with language and (im)politeness. This Roundtable will interrogate traditional and contemporary approaches to language and (im)politeness through an exploration of following sub-themes:

a) Intercultural (im)politeness

b) (Im)politeness and language change

c) (Im)politeness in interaction

d) Theorizing (im)politeness

e) The grammar of (im)politeness



Culpeper, Jonathan (2011) Impoliteness: Using Language to Cause Offence. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Haugh, M. (2014). (Im)politeness Implicatures. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Locher, M. & Bousfield, D. (2008). Introduction: Impoliteness and power in language. In D. Bousfield & M. Locher (eds.), Impoliteness in Language: Studies on its Interplay in Theory and Practices (pp. 1-16). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Roundtable Chair: Professor Farzad Sharifian
Roundtable Coordinator: Dr Howie Manns
Keynote Speaker: Professor Jonathan Culpeper, Lancaster University, UK.
Plenary Speaker: A/Prof Michael Haugh, Griffith University.