Suggested Honours topics in Asian languages

The following is a list of some topics staff members in Asian languages/studies are currently interested in supervising. Further information about each staff member is available on the profile pages linked below.

Note: There are many other areas in which students can conduct research for their Honours thesis. If an area of interest does not appear below, please contact the Honours Coordinator for further advice.

Dr Jonathan Benney
Contentious politics and political communication in modern China: new media, activism, dispute resolution, the role of law and rights, and the history of ideas

Dr Lijun Bi
Chinese children’s literature and moral education in China

Dr Jeremy Breaden
Social problems in contemporary Japan; internationalisation of education and employment systems in East Asia; intercultural communication in East Asian business contexts. I would particularly like to supervising Honours students interested in:

  • International student issues (both policy and practice) in Asia and Australia
  • Citizenship and identity in Japan
  • Interpreters, translators and cultural mediators in international business
  • Japanese migration to other parts of Asia

Dr In Jung Cho
Korean Linguistics; Applied linguistics; Technology-Enhanced Language Learning; teaching Korean as a foreign language; Translation Studies;

Dr Young A Cho
Applied linguistics; teaching Korean as a foreign language

Professor Gloria Davies
Chinese critical inquiry, Chinese intellectual history and culture; Chinese literary studies from the late nineteenth century to the present; Contemporary History of the People’s Republic of China; Cyberdissent in the Chinese-speaking world; Modern China: culture, politics and society

Dr Hui Huang
Second language acquisition; teaching Chinese as a second/heritage language; Second language teaching pedagogy and technology; Language curriculum development and learner needs analysis; Cross-cultural communication and language teaching

Dr Robert Irving
Modern Chinese literature and politics; Modern Chinese grammar and syntax

Dr Shimako Iwasaki
Conversation analysis; interaction analysis (language, culture and social interaction); interactional linguistics; gesture and embodiment (talk and the body); applied linguistics

Dr Jason Jones
Cultural adaptation in Japanese film, manga, and animation; translation; subtitling

Dr Naomi Kurata
Applied linguistics; teaching Japanese as a foreign language

Ms Yacinta Kurniasih
Indonesian language & society; Javanese language & society; gender & education in Indonesia; language education

Dr Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou
Sociolinguistics and intercultural communication, computer-mediated communication, applied linguistics, eEducation.

Dr Robyn Spence-Brown
Second language acquisition and use, language assessment, language education policy and practice. Topics I am currently supervising (mainly PhD projects) include study abroad (networks and impact /motivation/identity), peer and expert feedback in second writing development, use of Second Life in Chinese language teaching, indexical use of script choice in Japanese. I am able to supervise projects in all areas of applied linguistics, but suggest that interesting Honours projects might be developed around:

  • the impact of study abroad (short and long term)
  • use of resources for self-study of languages outside the classroom
  • language choice and code-switching in multi lingual contexts (including on-line contexts)
  • motivation for language study and student decision making about study choices
  • the interaction between in-class and out of class language study
  • curriculum and resources use in school language programs
  • the take-up and washback of the Japanese language proficiency test in Australia

Professor Carolyn Stevens
Disability, social welfare and maternal and child health care in Japan; Japanese popular music, consumer culture and fandom in contemporary Japan; sensory anthropology

Dr Warren Sun
Chinese elite politics; Chinese intellectual history and culture; Contemporary History of the People’s Republic of China; Modern China: culture, politics and society

Dr Paul Thomas
Topics in Translation History, History of Indonesian-Australian Relations, Translation in Journalism, Representations of Indonesians/Malaysian in Australian Culture, the Indonesian/Malaysian diaspora. This might include topics such as:

  • Cultural and political role of translators/interpreters in journalism
  • The presence of interpreters and translators in Southeast Asian and Australian history
  • The translation of Indonesian news reporting on Australia specialising in a specific event or ongoing narrative
  • Indonesian and Malay identity in Australian literature or film
  • The use of the media by the Indonesian diaspora
  • The history of Indonesian/Malay language in Australia selecting a particular period or development
  • The contemporary application of language skills related to a particular field of endeavour e.g. business, diplomacy, education
  • The role of the English language press in Southeast Asia

Dr Shani Tobias
Japanese-English translation

Dr Beatrice Trefalt
Modern Japanese history, legacies of the Second World War, war and memory, historical debates, gender issues, minority issues, identity and citizenship, migration