Students in the Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies complete an internship at the headquarters of the international organisation ACAP

Four students from the Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies have recently completed a one-week internship in Hobart, in the headquarters of the organisation ACAP, the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels. The three official working languages of this international organisation are English, French and Spanish, and the internship was an opportunity for the students to learn about the work of in-house translators.

Reflecting on their experience, this is what they said:

“This internship helped me gain experience on the practical level and understand the issues and challenges translators face in their work: not only the short deadlines to submit the translations but also all the ad-hoc knowledge to acquire before starting a translation or a glossary, to be the most accurate and precise. This internship was much related to my training because I could apply some theoretical concepts I learned in university courses”.

“During the practicum I found myself drawing on theory and practical activities that we had done in class in order to deal with complexities involved in the translations – which were very technical. I have found that the experience of doing practicum really grounds the course content and has helped me to really appreciate how useful it will be to my future career as a translator. We also needed to be conscious of deadlines and to work well together as a team – sharing information and being open to opinions and translation decisions of each other”.

“Working with ACAP not only gave me a clear understanding of the linguistic and cross-cultural challenges of technical translation, but it provided broad insight on how working as a professional translator is like. This is an experience I will cherish because the practicum entailed the dissemination of important information on seabirds conservation being made possible through translation”.

“My internship at ACAP was an excellent opportunity to get real-world practice in translation work. I learned a lot about glossaries, building a knowledge base and specialised translation”.

MITS students (from left to right): Fernanda Pico, Jonathan Beagley, Virginie Pfeiffer and Georgina Begg.
Georgina Begg and Fernanda Pico with ACAP Executive Secretary Warren Papworth.

The Executive Secretary of ACAP, Warren Papworth declared: “The intern programme worked really well. All of the students were excellent, very professional and highly committed to the work on hand. They did a fantastic job. As always, it was a great pleasure having the students in our office. It is wonderful to see such dedicated and enthusiastic young professionals. I hope this programme will continue well into the future”.

The Translation and Interpreting Studies program and the students are really grateful and thankful to ACAP, and in particular to its Executive Secretary Warren Papworth and its Science Officer Wieslawa Misiak, for such a wonderful opportunity.