Student success in the Japanese speech contest

The Japanese speech contest was held at Swinburne yesterday with 12 Monash students participating. Congratulations to the students and to the staff who helped them prepare their speeches and supported them on the day. The overall standard was very high and the Open Beginner Division and the Open Division were really competitive.
Monash participants and prizes are:
Open Beginner Division (13 participants)
  • Natalie Yu  (Intermediate 2): 3rd Prize
  • Megan Guy (Intermediate 2): Kanga Kanga Ganbaroo Prize
  • Sze-Ken Tang (Intermediate 2)
Open Division (17 participants)
  • Alistair Bayley (Proficient 2): 3rd Prize
  • Xin-Yun Ling (Advanced 2): Keiko Hongo Family Fund Award
  • Chen-Fang Weng (Proficient 2): Kanga Kanga Ganbaroo Prize
  • Meaghan Baker (Advanced 6)
  • Auriella Lai (Advanced 2)
  • Yin Ki Kyra Leung (Advanced 6)
  • Yiyun (Maggie) Tan (Advanced 6)
  • Doorhi Jeong (Advanced 2)
Background Speaker Division (1 participant)
  • Geraldine Mosely (Advanced 6)
The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Melbourne, in cooperation with its participating member companies will offering internships to prize-winners who are university students.
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