LLCL School Seminar

The LLCL School Seminar takes place from 12.30-2pm on Wednesdays during semester, in the Japanese Studies Centre Auditorium (12 Ancora Imparo Way, Clayton Campus). Lunch is served from 12.30-1pm, and the presentations and discussion run from 1 to 2pm. The seminar exploits the rich cross-disciplinarity of LLCL by exploring themes and questions from multiple disciplinary angles, often over a number of weeks. It is conceived as a non-hierarchical seminar where Honours students, PhD candidates and postdocs present alongside members of the lecturing staff and distinguished invited guests.

Semester 1 / 2018

  Date Presentations
1 07/03 Transnational Narratives
Carolyn Stevens: Transnational Encounters: The Beatles in Japan
2 14/03 Anthony Pym: Creativity in Translation Studies: How Newness Comes into Research
3 21/03 Narratives of Place
Mridula Chakraborty + Sue Kossew: My Place, My Story
4 28/03 Andy Jackson: Is the DPRK really a ‘Train Wreck in Slow Motion’? The Prospects for a People’s Power Rebellion in North Korea
5 11/04 Transnational Narratives
Michelle Smith + Leah Gerber: Transnational Flows and Colonial Girls’ Literature
6 18/04 Honours Work in Progress
  25/04 Anzac Day – No Seminar
7 02/05 Narrating Crime
Stewart King: Criminal Resemblances: Tentative Conjectures on Genre in the Era of World Crime Fiction
8 09/05 Honours Work in Progress
9 16/05 Narrating Crime
Barbara Pezzotti: Migration and Identity in Mediterranean Crime Fiction, + Carlos Uxo: Cuban Cultural Policies and Crime Fiction. A Weapon for the Revolution
10 23/05 Transnational Narratives
Sascha Morrell: Narrating ‘the South’