LLCL Best Doctoral Thesis award

Number of Annual Awards:

  • There shall be 1 award per year.

Award Benefits:

  • The award shall include a $1000 and a certificate, signed by the HOS of LLCL and LLCL HDR coordinator.

Nomination and Selection:

LLCL supervisors will be invited to nominate recipients of the award.

The nominee will have fulfilled the requirements for the degree and had his/her result ratified at one of the
Research Graduate School Committee meetings in 2011.

The Committee expects that the examiners’ reports, the student’s publication record and any other evidence of
research excellence would form the basis of nomination. The case for the award should be made by the
candidate’s supervisor.

In looking at publications, only those that formed part of, or arose from the thesis will be
considered relevant. The award is for the thesis not for research done before becoming a doctoral student.
A nomination form is attached. Late nominations will not be considered.

The Committee will consider awarding a certificate of commendation, LLCL Commendation for Doctoral Thesis
Excellence, to a nominee who is not ranked first, but that the committee feels in any other year could have been a
successful recipient of the award.

Ratification of Nominations:

A Sub Committee of the LLCL Research Committee shall meet in April following the nomination year to make a
final selection.

The LLCL Research Committee will reserve the right to withhold an award in a particular year if it
believes that a nominee is not of sufficiently high calibre.

Presentation of Award:

  • Presentation of the certificate preferably would take place on the LLCL HDR Research Reporting Day.

Academic Transcripts:

  • Official academic transcripts will record the award.

Selection Criteria:

  • The quality of the thesis, not just the quality of the research, is paramount to the selection process.
  • The examiners’ reports will be used to establish the quality of the nominee’s thesis.
  • Consideration will also be given to publications produced as a result of the thesis research. Supervisors should comment on the publications (standing of journal; number of citations, etc)
  • Other evidence of research excellence will also be considered. For example, prizes awarded on the basis of the thesis research, invitations to speak at conferences, offers of positions etc.
  • Length of candidature.