Lecturers and Honours students shoulder to shoulder in LLCL seminar

Part of the privilege of working or studying at a research university is that we become integrated into a diverse and vigorous community of learning. In the spirit of fostering and celebrating our shared commitment to research in LLCL, lecturing staff and Honours students in the school come together every fortnight during semester to share short presentations about our work in progress, discuss each other’s research, make new links between projects across different disciplines and incubate ideas. As well as providing a valuable training opportunity for our Honours students and a chance for staff to keep abreast of colleagues’ newest work, the seminar demonstrates our commitment to fostering a common community of learning and inquiry across all members of the school, lecturers and students alike.

The pictures below are from a recent seminar which brought together Prof. Sue Kossew‘s latest work  on gendered violence with a group of Honours students working on gender issues across different disciplines.

All members of the school are welcome at the seminars, the dates and times of which can be found on the LLCL school calendar.

photo 2

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