Language Entry Level

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Chinese entry level questionnaire and test

French Studies
French entry level test

German entry level test information

Spanish and Latin American Studies
Spanish entry level test

Which level of Indonesian should I enrol in?

Italian entry level test

You must take an online entry level test if you have studied Italian previously .

  • Beginners enter at level 1 ATS1221
  • Intermediate students (post beginners or students with an intermediate knowledge of Italian without VCE) enter at ATS2223
  • The entry point for students who did VCE Italian is level 5 ATS2225

What level of Japanese should I enrol in?
(entry level test)

Korean entry level test

You must take the entry level test if you have studied Korean previously.
However, you do not need to take an entry level test if you are a beginner in studying Korean.

If you are not a complete beginner in Ukrainian, please contact the Ukrainian Studies coordinator to determine appropriate placement.